VOKUL Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter – Entry Level Freestyle Pro Scooter

The Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter delivers stable performance, and it's the best entry level scooter for kids (age of 7 to 12). Riders that weigh below 140lbs can enjoy the scooter with the main bar made of medium carbon steel tube.

The manufacturers ensured that deck made of aircraft grade aluminum with reinforced heat-treated metals. For protection and stability, triple tighten clamp with three units of 12.9-inch level bolts have been used to make this scooter compact.

vokul trick scooter

Your beginner rider kid can start enjoying speedy fun rides, tricks with an efficient brake system. The scooter is durable, strongly built and reliable. When the equipment is not in use; disassemble and clean every part before assembling conveniently with the three bolts.

Features Of This VOKUL Trick Scooter

Medium carbon steel U-handlebar: Kids can hit their knees and chins on the metal bars, that's why the scooter bars have some sturdy support handlebar features. The u-handlebar is designed from medium carbon steel tube with an ideal dimension of 19.5" by 23.8" (WXH) for comfort and safety.

Good for beginners: This Pro Stunt Scooter is the best entry level freestyle stunt-maker that is suitable for kids that have never ridden. Soon, young ones perform basic tricks skills like barspin, tailwhips, and tail taps like intermediate riders. 

Sturdy material: The scooter's deck is made from reinforced heat-treated forged metals, aircraft-grade aluminum, and body-friendly plastic handles. The product comes as lightweight, but super-tough. Fitted with quality parts that ensure durability. When the scooter is not in use, it can easily be kept in a small storage compartment.

Portability: There is no inconvenience with transporting the Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter, or carrying it across barriers. The 7.3lbs scooter is fitted with 100mm wheels that help kids build a decent riding experience.

An ideal gift for young ones: Your child's preferred scooter has nice designs, a foot space of 12.9 inches and comes in an array of beautiful colors. With a 20' by 3.9" deck size, the scooter is strong enough to accommodate a maximum weight of 140lbs.


  1. As a lightweight product, it is suitable for kids within the age of 7 and 12 that have zero scooter experience.
  2. To tighten the bolts and assemble doesn't need a specialist experience but a DIY approach. Likewise, kids can take charge of the low-maintenance involving this scooter.
  3. This Pro Stunt Scooter offers more stability and safety than other regular products of this level.
  4. The aircraft-grade aluminum material used for the exterior body is non-corrosive and glitters under sunlight. 


  1. This scooter is made of low-quality interchangeable parts, and the threaded compression fork slackens after prolong usage. 

Final Note

Do you need a reliable and safe-to-use scooter as a gift for children with no riding experience? Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter offers beginner riders some stable performance with a machine built to protect their knee and chin when they ride. On the sidewalks, roads, and in the parks, there is ease of navigations for a fast rider. More so, the braking system is efficient, and the handlebars give great maneuvering from potholes and bumps.

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