VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter with Stable Performance

Are you worried about the best scooter for your 7 to 14-year-old child who has scooter experience can use? This VOKUL S2 scooter is suitable for beginners that weigh less than 140lbs. The scooter has an aluminum exterior that forms a sturdy construction. More so, the triple-tight clamp has strong bolts for stability when you ride. 

It is safe for stunts with an efficient braking system. The handle is made of a body-friendly material that ensures a firm grip. Also, the use of ultra-grip tape on the flat Deck makes the Pro Stunt Scooter a reliable machine.

Features Of This VOKUL S2 Scooter

Built to last: The 8.86 pounds Pro Scooter is built to last with the use of heavy duty grade 6061 aluminum material. The non-degradable metal withstands the toughest weather condition; making it the perfect trick scooter to buy. Also, in the deck, the freestyle Pro Scooter is fitted with reinforced heat treated metallic plates.

Safe for use: The Pro Stunt Scooter has stable performance, compact, and certified by ASTM. More so, the batwing bar is made of grade 4130 Chromoly steel with triple clamp craft that ensures safety and stability. The rider will enjoy the ease-of-use of this freestyle Pro Stunt Scooter on potholed roads, garage, driveway, and sidewalk.

Suitable for children: With the Pro Stunt Scooter, little girls and boys (7 to 14 years old) with no scooter experience as beginning riders can learn new stunts that make them look like a champ. The adjustable rear brakes respond within split seconds even on smoothly steep roads, and the experience leaves riders thrilled with a better performance than regular scooters.

Improve your skills: Apart from the ease to navigate obstacles with the Pro Stunt Scooter; the rider can also master tricks and improve skills. New tricks for beginners to learn are the bar spin, tail whips, 180 or 360-degree flips, one-hander, fakie, no-hander, no-footer, and the hop. All stunt riders look slick with some new tricks.

Easy to store: The Freestyle Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter is lightweight but super-tough. When the scooter is not in use; disassembling for cleaning purposes is easy. With just three bolts to unscrew and fasten after cleaning, riders don't require large spaces to store the scooter.


  1. The components create an opportunity for the beginner rider to master tricks. Stunt tricks like tailwhips, manual, the hop, and nose pivot are few of the major performances.
  2. The Pro Stunt Scooter is designed to last with a non-corrosive metal material that keeps this machine looking shiny under any weather condition.
  3. To purchase this scooter is good value for money; with metal wheels and responsive bearings that accelerate the slightest push for greater velocity.
  4. When you ride and get too fast, make a sudden stop with just a touch of the handle brakes.


As a child, when you become a pro that performs better stunts, this scooter will not serve your purpose. It is only an ideal starting scooter that gets new riders into the community of riders.

Final Note

With a 20 X 3.9 inches deck, 19.5 inches handlebar, the Pro Stunt Scooter has a height of 33.4 inches. The machine for beginners has a shiny design with 100 mm wheels for freestyle stuns. This freestyle scooter is suitable as a gift item for your child's birthday or reward for any achievement.

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