Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter Analysis By Expert Rider

Beginner riders dream of becoming an intermediate some day. But for intermediate scooter riders that seek to step up their game, the Pro Scooter Complete is a surefire way to make ambitions come through.

Professional scooter riders can do much more with the features of this scooter. Some of the notable designs are; lighter aircraft-grade Aluminum deck, a center reinforced neck and Chromoly Riser Bar features.

Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter

For safety and performance stability, the deck's neck spreads landing forces over the deck’s outer surface. As a pro, if you desire a better riding experience, go for this Scooter.

Features Of This Fuzion Z350 Scooter

Sturdy material: The material used for Pro Scooter's deck is reinforced heat-treated metals, and the deck's neck is made of IHC compression system. The choice of materials used for this high-quality scooter makes the machine non-corrosive and weather-proof.

Durability: This scooter is different from other regular products you find at the parks. It is a durable piece of mobility with a low-maintenance rate because the scooter was built from aircraft-grade aluminum and plastic handlebar.

A perfect gift for loved ones: A scooter with colorful graphics and nice designs like this  Pro Scooter is an ideal gift for your loved ones. The scooter has a wide deck that's strong enough to accommodate a maximum weight of 140lbs.

Pleasurable features: Owning this scooter gives you the feeling of a customized possession because of the features. The features are; reinforced one-piece steel fork, high rebounding 110 mm six-spoke wheels, 155 mm Hex Grips and a 19.5" by 4.5" lightweight deck made of aluminum.

Easily transported: This pro stunt scooter is very portable, and there's no inconvenience with lifting the machine. Although it's super-tough on race tracks, it's lightweight.


  1. The Pro Scooter has a flat bottom with rails for grinding, and super-fast ABEC-9 roller bearings for speed.
  2. It is lightweight, durable and built to attract other riders because of the aircraft grade aluminum exterior. More so, this scooter is non-corrosive and withstands all weather conditions.
  3. The scooter is not meant for only professionals, but as entry-level to an intermediate scooter machine.
  4. It comes with ease of navigation, and other advanced features like the 3-degree top concave design, tough IHC compression system, and efficient brake system.


  1. The Pro Scooter is more expensive than scooters of a similar grade and level of performance.

Final Note

This scooter for adults comes with improved features. The efficient brake system is noise-free and made of nylon and steel triad technology. It is safe to ride with this scooter because of the built-in 6 mm bolts that hold the clamp. More so, there is a reinforced deck-neck that dissipates landing forces over the deck’s outer surface when riders fall from any height. Professional scooter riders will find this piece of equipment handy, but intermediate riders will be glad to own this priceless possession.

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