Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

For riders, it is a chance to own an entry-level to an intermediate scooter that comes in over five variations of colors. Do you want an upgrade from a razor scooter to a Fuzion Complete Scooter? Perhaps your present scooter looks like a toy that's not holding up.

This Scooter is a two-piece bar that's stronger than other regular entry-level scooters. It has thick bolts that hold all moveable parts firmly and works with the IHC system (the most widely-used compressions systems).

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

The exterior body design is shiny and roughly made from aluminum material to ensure the scooter's durability.

Features Of This Fusion Z300 Scooter

Entry level: It is the best pro scooter for beginner to intermediate riders; offering them ease of navigation with a pair of handlebars. In no distant time, your riding skills will improve, and your stunts will get better. This Complete Scooter will take you to the next level.

Sturdy design: The Complete Scooter is built tough with a 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum material. To give riders and owners of this scooter great value for their money; the non-corrosive metal forms a better choice of material.

Safety: To ensure safety for beginner riders, some features like the double bolt clamp with 6 mm bolts ensure that movable parts remain in firm positions. More so, during tough maneuvering from bends, sharp corners, bumps and potholes; riders have great control of their speed with the slightest touch of the brakes. With a tough deck, the scooter spreads landing forces evenly across the deck’s exterior surface.

Comfortable ride: The designers know those beginner riders need a comfortable ride with this scooter, that's why the deck has a center reinforced neck that is tough. When you ride on the Complete Scooter, don't be afraid of rough terrains; the deck has a flat bottom with rails for grinding, and you'll outperform any competition.

Suitable for children: With the Complete Scooter, little children (7 to 14 years old) without scooter experience can learn new riding skills like a pro. The rear brakes are adjustable, and responsive on wet, rough or dry terrains. More so, the experience takes beginner riders to the intermediate level.


  1. The Complete Scooter brings an opportunity for fast advancing young riders to learn new tricks while riding on sidewalks and at the parks.
  2. These beginners can easily navigate sharp bends, obstacles, and potholes with responsive wheel bearings that accelerate the slightest push for greater velocity.
  3. Be sure to make a sudden stop with the slightest touch of the handle brakes when you ride too fast.
  4. With the use of a non-corrosive aluminum material, this scooter is durable and shines brightly in any weather condition.


  1. The Complete Scooter has an oversize 155 mm handle grip, and it is very large for children of about 7-year old to conveniently wrap their palms over. More so, the weight of this scooter is heavier than regular products of this range.

Final Note

When you purchase this Fuzion Scooter, it's like buying a customized entry level scooter that understands what you want. Built with durable and tough 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the scooter is non-corrosive and rugged. The deck comes with a center reinforced neck that spreads landing forces across its outer surface. Soon, the beginner rider will learn new skills, stunts and outperform all the competition.

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