Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter – Perfect Entry Level Stunt Scooter

With new graphics and interchangeable parts, the entry-level Pro Scooter is better and redesigned. This scooter gives stable performance and safety to your young one who's a beginner rider.

More so, the new deck and neck spread landing forces across the deck’s exterior. This technique makes the scooter's deck tough and stable to navigate sharp bends, potholes, and land from heights. The lightweight scooter is ideal for children aged between 7 and 14 years old to move around and perform riding tricks.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

The plastic grips attached to the handlebars are well aligned for entry-level freestyle and stunts. Enjoy this Pro Scooter that's made of the Chromoly bar and reinforced deck.

Features Of This Z250 Scooter

Upgraded version: The scooter was designed by Fuzion with a heavy duty 6061-grade aluminum material and a clamp with two units of 6mm bolts. This is the upgraded version of the regular beginner's scooter with custom built components.

Easy to assemble: The interchangeable parts are assembled firmly with two bolts, and the 110mm aluminum core wheels are easily replaced with DIY applications. The wheels give high rebound, and the super-fast bearings are responsible for the speed you require.

Aluminum deck: Designed with IHC Integrated compression and sealed headset bearings systems; the deck has a dimension of 19.5 by 4.25 inch (LxW), and it's made of aircraft-grade aluminum. 

Safety: The brake is adjustably efficient, intelligently designed to offer protection for kids riding at high speed. Even intermediate level riders will find this scooter convenient for difficult navigation from bumps, potholes and rough spots.

Compact design: The Entry Level Pro Scooter is compact, safe for kids to have their first ride. More so, the tightly bolted bar is made of high-grade Chromoly steel with triple clamp craft that for stability. The beginner and intermediate rider will enjoy the ease-of-use that this machine brings.


  1. This entry-level Pro Scooter is made of the Chromoly bar and reinforced deck with a capacity to carry a maximum of 140lbs weight.
  2. The scooter's neck and deck distribute landing force over the deck's exterior.
  3. The scooter has body-friendly plastic grips attached to the handlebars give firm support during stunts and freestyle rides.
  4. It is a lightweight scooter that's convenient for young ones to move around.


  1. The handlebars are too short; they give a tall child some backaches during long rides.

Final Note

Do you desire a scooter for kids to learn as they take their first ride in the park? With the redesigned Entry Level Pro Scooter, there are safety and performance stability features to guide beginners. The scooter is made with riser bars of the Chromoly steel, 100mm wheels and oversize 155 mm Hex Grips as handlebars. More so, you are free to choose from a wide array of beautiful colors that don't fade under intense sunlight.

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