The Razor A5 Lux Scooter Reviews And Analysis

Scooters have been a favorite way of getting around for children and older teens for generations. Its simple yet ingenious design, makes gliding along, easy and exhilarating.

The minimal effort it takes to simply step on and push off, makes this wonderful transport mode the easiest to get to grips with. Its not only fun but it is environmentally harmless and is a good way to get some exercise.

Looking for a scooter which will be loved by your children is easy, but choosing which one to purchase is hard, there is so much choice out there. When we take a closer look, there are lots of aspects which set the Razor A5 Lux apart from traditional models.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

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Razor have done it again, improving on the design and capability of a traditional product to meet out ever changing needs as consumers.

Features Of The Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Here we will discuss this kick start scooter in depth, covering its patented design technology and why consumers love this model.

The Design

The body of this scooter is made from air-grade tubular aluminum steel, which is very strong and durable for carrying a larger rider and to take the impact of bumps along the way. The frame is silver and adds bling to an already modern and good-looking device.

The wheels are red and black and match the foam handle bar grips. The handle bars are also adjustable for height preferences to suit children and adults alike. The deck is large in size and riders of all sizes can comfortably fit their feet and balance on this kick start scooter.

The wheels

Equipped with extra large urethane wheels, the scooter can easily allow an adult to ride with practically no strain on the wheels and gives the rider a very smooth gliding experience. Strong and built to last these are the best wheels for the job. The tires perform amazing over bumpy and uneven concrete or pavement.

The Patented Features

With a patented folding mechanism, Razor have produced this scooter with commuters in mind. Taking this along to school, college, work or on a short trip is absolutely no issue. The easily folded scooter is very light in weight making it impossible to find an excuse not to take it along anywhere. 

With a patented rear break, this scooter can stop much quicker and slow down to a stop wit great control and provides the rider with a safer option when out and about. 


When traveling around on a scooter, a crash helmet should be worn. Young teens should also wear elbow and knee pads especially if performing and learning new tricks is something they plan to do on their scooters.

Staying on the path is a given but sometimes it is unavoidable, so if traveling in the evening, wearing a high vis item of clothing or even some sort of light is highly recommended. This model is recommended for children aged 8 years old and above. With its heavier weight capacity of 220lb, an adult can easily ride on this scooter too.

Assembly and Maintenance

This scooter needs absolutely no assembly and comes ready to ride in its box. Maintain the Razor A5 Lux scooter by keeping it out of the rain for prolonged periods, keeping it clean and taking care not to crash and bump it too much.

Having said that, it is extremely durable and can take bumps without breaking so no need to be too gentle. With this hassle-free scooter, the kids can get their hands on their new present as soon as it arrives at the door.

Why I love the Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Since purchasing his scooter for my 12 years old son, I have witnessed the joy and excitement these products truly bring. He was spending way too much time glued to his video games and movies that I needed to give him a reason to go out and enjoy his childhood the way I did, outside in the fresh air and with my friends.

He has now gained a little independence going to the local shop to run errands for me and getting out to see his friends. Before he had this scooter, on the odd occasion he was out,  I would worry about where he was early evenings waiting for him to return. Now he has the scooter he sets off and gets home much quicker.

He takes his scooter to school and is never late for his lessons. The amazing folding mechanism means he can put his scooter into his back pack for safe keeping and doesn’t need to worry about it going missing while he is studying in class.

He looks cool on his scooter and doesn’t he know it?! Being a bit of a show off, my son has learned many tricks on hi scooter when playing out with friends at the skate park. Three of his friends have since bought the scooter to join is with his fun and now they travel together having lots of fun outdoors instead of being cooped up in front of the tv.

I feel I have made a good decision in purchasing the Razor A5 Lux kick start scooter for my son, over any other model, as it ticks all the boxes of needs which he has.

The only downside to the scooter is I see less of my son, and that being a pretty selfish reason not to like something, I’d say there is really nothing wrong with this model what so ever.

Final Note

After spending the last six months watching my son fall in love with his new scooter and its capabilities, I would say this model is the best one available on the market today.

I have researched hundreds of different types of kick start scooters and not one even came close to the Razor A5 Lux kick start scooter.

Its inexpensive pricing is something that came as a pleasant surprise. With its patented features, I can’t see how there is any competition out there at all.

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