The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Miniature Scooter Analysis

Electric scooters and bikes are on trend and so much fun for young teens. Getting about on a realistic motor bike or scooter is an exhilarating, white knuckle type of activity that children can enjoy in safety.

They rarely surpass a maximum speed of around fifteen miles per hour and are light in weight, making the handling of these little vehicles easy for smaller people.

As well as the obvious enjoyment these bikes bring, teaching your little ones about responsibility and driving in general is a huge bonus benefit of owning one.

The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Miniature Scooter Analysis

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If you want to really impress your young one, we are doing the popular Razor Pocket Mod reviews for this electrical miniature scooter to help you achieve this.

Features Of The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Miniature Scooter

It comes in a range of colors and is in the old fashioned, vintage style design which has made an impressive come-back in recent years.

The engine

The Razor Pocket Mod electric miniature scooter has a chain driven motor. With a built in variable speed engine, the scooter will reach a maximum speed of 15 miles an hour, giving you the confidence to let them ride.

Safety helmets should always be worn, 15 miles an hour is still fast enough to have a nasty bump, so knee and elbow pads are highly recommended when using this electronic scooter.

The Razor Pocket Mod

The wheels

The tires are 12-inch pneumatic with their own rear suspension mechanism. The tires are great on grass and muddy/rough terrain. They drive even better on concrete, but remember they are not allowed on public roads.

A great place to take this scooter is a designated park that allows for such children’s vehicles off road open areas or in your back yard. Using the sidewalk as a little road is the best way to stay safe on the way to your chosen destination.

The Battery capabilities

The battery is built in and will allow for usage over 10miles once fully charged. A single charge takes 12 hours of charging at home. The kids will get at least a full hour of driving out of these.


The bike has a maximum weight of 170lbs, so check the weight of your child before placing them on it for a test. This is important as too much weight can damage your new scooter.  

There is no minimum weight but take care, this product is recommended for children from 13 years old and up. If your child is too small, it will be hard to control and could lead to accidents.

Assembly and warrantee

The scooter comes packaged and some assembly is required. Full instructions in the box, guide you through adding the handle bars and the front tire. There is also a 90-day warrantee on this scooter so if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can get the help you will need.

If you struggle in anyway with assembly or with warrantee questions, the customer services number is found on the instruction pamphlet and they are very helpful in guiding you through anything related to your purchase.

Why I Love The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Scooter

The Razor Electric Miniature Scooter

I purchased this electronic scooter for my 13 years old daughter. I chose the lilac and white Betty design as purple is her favorite color. She was so impressed and loved the extra little flowers on the body of the scooter.  

At the beginning I was nervous about her being able to control the miniature scooter and afraid of her crashing into something. I was wrong to worry because she was able to ride and stop safely on her very first attempt.

She rides her scooter to the park to meet her friends now and is thoroughly enjoying her new mode of mini transport six months into having it. I actually feel safer now I know she can nip home if she needs to, much faster and safer than walking.

The storage compartment is really handy as she can take a jumper a drink and some food along to the park and I know she will not get cold or hungry/thirsty while out with friends.

She has had one bump which didn’t result in any injury, but she was a little scared. The fact she wears her helmet on every single ride puts my mind at ease and she is extra careful now she has experienced a little crash.

I think the scooter is one of the best decisions I made in regard to purchasing something for my daughter.

The battery does take 12 hours to fully charge but we simply plug it in when she comes home and unplug in the morning and she is ready to go.

The only thing I found a bit difficult was getting the handle bars on, it took me a good 45 minutes to figure it out and was tricky. But the customer services number which was provided, got me in-touch with someone who knew what I was doing wrong and sorted it in a matter of minutes.

Battery Charger for the Razor Pocket Electric Miniature Scooter

The scooter requires charging and the battery charger for this model is one that will charge the battery for 8 hours. It can be purchased separately to the scooter in case you need a spare and it is inexpensive yet does the job well.

Final Note

So-far the Razor Pocket Mod reviews impeccably and still looks as good as it did six months ago when we bought it. It gets used at every possible opportunity and I feel I have certainly got my moneys worth.

I would recommend this scooter to anyone looking to improve their child’s mobility and safety when off out with friends unsupervised.

We are very happy with our purchase, since we bought ours, two of my daughter’s friends have been given the same. They now travel together or to meet up and we all know our young ladies will be able to get home in a flash when they need to.

Giving her more responsibility and allowing her to roam a little further has done wonders for her confidence and she has matured a little since getting the scooter too.

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