The Razor Ecosmart Metro Scooter Reviews And Analysis

Wow, it’s the Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter review and I am racing down the road with the wind on my face, people are gawping as I fly by at just under 20 mph. I am riding on the Razor Ecosmart Electric Scooter and having a 'Eureka' moment! 

If I can explain, last time I bought an electric scooter was 12 years ago, when after a very short time poor battery life and a feeble motor turned my excitement into sullen disappointment. Not so with the powerful new Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

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Features Of The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

'Designed for true neighborhood transportation' it says in the blurb and my experience is if you keep it in the neighborhood you will be hanging the car keys up, it's not just fun to ride, during my 2 months of ownership it's been reliable too.

Advanced Street Systems by Razor: The beating heart of the machine

The Razor's two 12-volt lead acid batteries coupled with the variable speed, high torque 500-watt motor and 36-volt electrics, did surprisingly well for a smaller electric engine, giving it real zip with surprising endurance.

The batteries are carried low, well balanced on the centre line off the frame. The engine power is controlled by a variable speed twist-grip which gives good control. The scooter comes with its own battery charger which the booklet says takes 10 hours to re-charge.

In practice, I got a good charge from about 3 hours when push came to shove, but I would recommend a full charge every time to increase battery life expectancy. To assess the bike's furthest range, I managed nearly 11 miles on the flat, which equated to just over 40 minutes of running time.

Obviously, hills and a heavier load will reduce this, so factor this into your equations and recharge after every ride. Even on hilly journeys I was still impressed with this little bike's stamina.

Comfort and Practicality

This scooter is designed for riders aged 16+ who way under 220lbs, and want to sit down. Yes! Unlike many supposedly cool scooters, which for some reason better known to the manufacturers, expect you to stand, the Razor actually has a well-padded adjustable seat, with a steel frame and a bamboo deck for placing your feet.  

Added to this, the handlebars are adjustable for rake and the luggage rack come rear fender is fully detachable if needed. With the Razors 16-inch pneumatic tyres this adds up to a smooth, very comfortable riding experience. For practicality, a retractable side stand makes the scooter easier to live with.


Razor are a well-established skater & surfer & BMX adrenalin sport brand based in the US in Southern California. They made a name on the street right from the beginning with their much sought after 'Kick Scooter', which established the brand way back in 2000. The Razor benefits from a high-quality powder coated frame.

I can honestly say that it was very well put together, as it was self-assembled by yours truly. Jokes aside, there is a feeling of good build quality to the bike which I liked straight away. The scooter comes requiring self-assembly, but all tools are included and thankfully I assembled it easily without breaking a sweat. There is also a ninety-day warranty for peace of mind.


The bike benefits from a rear brake which due to its featherweight of 67lb is very effective. Steady handling within its speed range was good, helped by the adjustability of the bike to my frame, as long as I kept the tires correctly inflated to 40 psi.

There is skateboard type grip-tape on the bamboo decking which stopped my feet sliding around, this was a nice little touch. After my first 2 rides I was confidently carving around bends in my neighborhood feeling at home on this little scooter. 

What I love about this scooter

Okay, where do I start? 

Did I mention the top speed on the flat of around 18 mph (give or take)? For such a little bike, this for me was epic, especially combined with a range of effectively over 10 miles, (just over half that if your route is very hilly).

Also, I was pleased to find there is built in protection from overcharging, so I like that I haven't got to be hovering over the charging bike waiting to disconnect it when the light goes from 'red' to (fully charged) 'green'. The Razor's power, endurance and the added sophistication of 'over-charge protection' make it a highly functional transport option, which I can say so far for me has been totally reliable; this bike has never let me down.

Its lovely to jump on a bike without mountains of motorcycle gear and the noise of a petrol engine. This makes for great ease of use and a very quiet and relaxing ride once on the move. 

This welcoming little scooter is simple and attractive to look at and very easy to assemble and learn to ride. I was impressed by the quality of the build, even though I have only owned it for about 2 months it feels that it's been built to last.

I think teenagers to grandparents alike will appreciate the ease and simplicity of the ride, build quality and design on this nimble bike. It’s a cute little package for sure and gets positive attention wherever I go.

I often spend a few minutes answering questions and showing it off to onlookers when on my travels. In these days of carbon footprints and emissions free transportation, it’s a great little bike to pop to the grocers on, or cruise down to the beach or cafe.  I have had so much fun smiling on this exciting little bike.  What's not to like?

What I didn't like

Remember to turn the power off on the bike if you stop for a few minutes to shoot the breeze. Leaving the power on will eat in to battery life.

Although the scooter stops very well and I personally didn't miss one, the edition of a front brake would be a sensible upgrade.

Final Note

All in all, for me, the sheer amount of hassle-free fun and freedom sold me this scooter hands down. During the time I have owned it, I have been unable to ignore its precocious performance, coupled with its, so far, faultless reliability.

When I purchased this vehicle, I seriously considered whether to pay over 400 dollars including shipping on this machine; I'm so glad I made the leap. After all, no license or insurance required.

I hope reading my review helps you in your research. It’s something difficult to put into words, but it always seems to put a smile on my face when I'm riding about on it, It’s crazy, but it’s definitely a keeper!

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