The Razor E300 Scooter Reviews And Analysis

As the times change, so do our needs. For most of us, getting around on the newest technologically advanced mobility vehicles is something both fun and very handy.

Now we have models available not just for small children but for older teens and adults. Electric scooters from Razor combine the latest technology, high spec quality design and performance with safety and comfort.

The Razor E300 electric scooter is a prime example of what Razor can bring to the market and into our homes. Getting about on the Razor E300 is both convenient and easy for teenagers aged 15 years and all the way into adulthood.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

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Owning an scooter that can be used by the whole family gives you the thrill of speeding up to 15mph while getting to and from important places like work or out to the shops.

Features Of The Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Here we will talk about the Razor E300 in depth, covering its capabilities, style of design, how it works and why, so many people absolutely love it.

The motor

The motor in the E300 is equipped with the latest ultra-quiet technology which your neighbors will be guaranteed to thank you for. It works by being driven by a chain inside the motor and can give you speeds up to 15mph. 

The throttle

With innovative and attractive design, the twist-grip throttle is easy to operate and looks great. The acceleration is easily controlled by twisting the throttle which is located on the right-hand side handle bar.

The frame

The frame of the Razor E300 scooter is made from the most modern and durable materials, this helps it to stay in once piece however active you may be on it.

The design

With an aesthetically pleasing and unisex grey color, the E300 electric scooter is a beauty. The whole thing is light enough to easily transport. The platform is super-sized for bigger feet and it is very comfortable to hop on and off without worrying about missing your step.

The battery

The razor E300 is equipped with 24V rechargeable battery system split into two 12V batteries. Charging takes 12 hours and produces 40 minutes of constant riding once fully charged. There is a green light indicator which lets you know when the scooter is charged fully or needs more power.

The breaks

This scooter has breaks to both the front wheel and the rear wheel. Both breaks are hand operated and located at the front of the scooter on the handlebars.

The wheels

With two extra wide 10-inch pneumatic tires, this scooter can grip road and concrete easily and will work well in both dry and wet conditions.

Safety aspects to remember

Its easy to forget about safety as an adult or teenager. We are always looking out for the little ones and forgetting about ourselves. Unfortunately, we are not immortal, and we need to take care of our heads mainly to prevent concussion or worse should we end up falling off or crashing into something. 

Wearing a crash helmet is a must and for young teens, some further safety wear may be considered like elbow pads or knee pads. If you are riding late at night or in the dark of an evening, some lights or high vis clothing may be used to make yourself stand out a little more when crossing the roads. 


All Razor scooters come almost built and only require a very minimal amount of assembly when received. The instruction manual and user manuals are found in the box or alternatively online. There is also a great customer support service available should you get stuck with any part of the assembly or maintenance questions in general. 


The kick stand feature provides you with the easiest way to stabilize the scooter when not in use. The battery needs to be stored somewhere warm and prolonged cold exposure can damage the capability and performance of the battery. 

Over charging the battery can also destroy it, so never charge it up for more than 24 hours at any time. If not in use, the battery should be regularly charged at least once a month to ensure it is activated and this keeps it healthier for future use. Follow the user manual to get the most you can from your scooter, ensuring it lasts and lasts.

Why I love the Razor E300 electric scooter

Originally, I was looking for a better way to get to work in the city each morning. At the time I was using public transport and getting squished on the sub-way was not something I enjoyed at the best of times, but when the summer came it all got ten times worse. My husband found the E300 and suggested I used that instead. 

Once I had gotten over the concept that this was a big kids toy, I realized it was actually the answer to my prayers. It is not just easier for me to get to work on time and in once piece (not squished) it is also better for the environment with absolutely no chemicals being pumped into the air and into my lungs. 

My two teen boys started “borrowing” my scooter in the evenings and I ended up having to buy them one each for Christmas, so I could rescue mine from the grip of teenage antics and tricks. Then, when my husband’s car was in the garage, he ended up pinching mine too. 

Well, long story short, we all own the Razor E300 and it suits all of our needs for transport, and that of my sons for fun in the local parks. It is easy to control and to stop in the event of an emergency. 

They are inexpensive to buy and practically free to run. The design looks great and fitting our feet onto the super-sized platform is not an issue, even for my boys and my husband. I honestly do not know what I would do without my Razor E300 electric scooter.

The only downside for me is the length of time it takes to charge, but as long as we remember to plug them in overnight, they are ready to go in the morning and the performance is amazing.

Final Note

Being a well trusted and well-known brand, Razor have yet again delivered on their promises of the newest technology and capabilities with no compromise on style and looks. Nominated and shortlisted for toy of the year 2020, the Razor E300 is the best choice on the ever expanding market of electronic scooters and mobility vehicles out there today.

It is something I really would recommend to everyone looking for that easier commute or just for that extra bit of fun. It is a truly brilliant machine. Hope this razor e300 scooter reviews will help you to understand all the features of it.

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