The Razor E200 Scooter Reviews And Expert Analysis

Scooters have been a favorite toy for kids for generations. In more recent years we have seen new technological advances and development of electronic scooter motors.

Razor have been producing and designing electronic mobility vehicles and scooters since the year 2000. Winning our trust and gaining a well-established branding concept in our homes world-wide. Choosing the correct model can be daunting with so many on offer online and in stores.

Here we are reviewing the Razor E200 electric scooter. We will discuss its capabilities as well as the safety and maintenance aspects.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

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Features Of The Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This little scooter is sure to impress your little ones and put your mind at ease at the same time when considering a brand who provide both great style and safety.

The motor

The motor is of the highest quality, and ahead of the times, with its ultra-quiet chain-driven mechanism. The normal loud and often too noisy design has been dramatically improved with this new motor and is applauded by neighbors all round the world.

It is very powerful and gives the scooter the capability of reaching up to 12mph. The battery that powers the scooter is a sealed 24V rechargeable battery system. With the speed capability of the Razor E200, only children aged 13 and over should ride on this electric scooter.

The wheels

Both of the tyres on the razor E200 are large 8-inch pneumatic tyres which are great for giving your child a smooth ride. They grip the pathways and road with ease.

The design

The razor E200 scooter comes in an electric blue, white, and black, and it looks as cool as it performs. It is slimline and light to carry but very sturdy and built for active children, making it easy to perform new tricks on. It has a full-size deck recommended for the older children and not your delicate little ones.

The brakes

The E200 has both front and rear brakes and both are controlled by a hand lever on the handle bars of the scooter. The brakes help to either slow down slowly to a stop or to perform an emergency stop to avoid crashing or bumping into objects or people.

Extra features

This scooter has a built-in kick stand to make stabilizing very easy when not in use. The twist grip throttle is easy to manipulate and is designed with children in mind. This helps them to gain confidence in getting to know the scooter and controlling its performance. 

Safety aspects to remember

When on any type of mobile device, children need protection. Their fine-motor skills need tuning and developing constantly, so they are prone to accidents, bumps and scrapes. Most importantly a crash helmet should be worn to protect the skull and brain from taking the impact of a fall and preventing concussion etc. Personally, I like to insist on knee and elbow pads too which have proven to be a good choice in preventing injury.

Assembly and maintenance

The scooter comes in its box, complete with full instructions, a charger for the battery and all the tools you need to assemble it with. Assembly is always minimal with Razor products and the instructions are self-explanatory and easy to follow.

If, however, you do struggle with anything, you can always call the customer helpline and they are able to guide you through any issues or questions you may have. The battery needs 12 hours of charging before its first use, so remember to charge up before the kids know it is there to play with, to avoid the tantrums if anything else, I would suggest having it fully assembled and charged before presenting them with this gift.

Once charged up, you should get about 40 minutes of continuous play. Charge the battery for a minimum of 12 hours over night but do not exceed 24 hours of charging as this can damage the battery immensely.

Why I love the Razor E200 electric scooter

This model is best suited for children over 13 years old. My daughter turned 13 just before Christmas last year and was practically begging me and my husband for this model in particular for a good few months prior to her big day.

She knew about the E200 because it is extremely popular within her large group of school friends. Since electric scooters are all the rage, she was fast becoming frustrated with having to walk alone to school and watching her friends whizz off in front of her was making he feel a little left out.

After researching some online reviews and having a good natter with the other mums and dads, we decided to give her the scooter she so desperately wanted. The look of pure joy on her little face, both warmed our hearts and solved her issues with her predicament at school.

She takes the scooter out on weekends to meet with friend too now and has even learned some cool tricks on her new toy. We can certainly say she is one happy girl with her favorite birthday present ever!

Personally, I found the assembly a little bit tricky but, when my husband came along and took over, it was quite simple and quick so maybe its just me. Having to charge it for 12 hours is a long time but we simply pop the charger in when she comes home from playing out, and it is all ready for her in the morning.

Final Note

My family have been using products designed and produced by Razor since our eldest was big enough for her first electronic miniature car. We have enjoyed piece of mind knowing the experts at Razor concentrate on the safety aspects and control mechanisms with al of their models and toys.

Our children have been on-trend with the best and newest toys at all times, which we know is very important to a child growing up in todays world. I wrote this Razor E200 electric scooter reviews because it has certainly provided us and our daughter with the excitement we were expecting from this wonderful electric scooter.

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