The Razor E100 Scooter Reviews And Analysis

Children love whizzing around on scooters, learning to balance and control the scooter is half the fun. For generations, scooters have been a popular choice of children’s mobility toys whether its to get them to and from school or generally out and about to play.

The technological advancements we have seen over the last decade, have improved the design and capabilities of the modern-day scooter by adding the power of an electronic motor. The Razor E100 electric scooter is one of the most popular scooters available today.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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Features Of Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Here we will discuss in depth, why it is such a popular choice, what it does, how it works and some safety advice for those looking to put a huge smile on their little ones faces with a new electric scooter this year.

The design

The E100 electric scooter comes in red and black, blue and black, pink and black or bright pink and black colour designs. It is sleek, light weight and very cool. Razor have certainly conquered the design plus safety aspects yet again with this little scooter.

The base is wide enough for balance yet still gives your child the ability to do some really cool tricks and moves with it. 

The motor

This motor is especially quiet, so no more dying hair dryer noises which is a huge plus for me. It is operated on a kick start mechanism and it is a chain driven motor which runs on a 24V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system.

There is a built-in twist grip throttle for your little ones to get going. The motor is fast and can reach speeds of up to 10mph. With your purchase of the scooter, a UL approved battery charger is included. 


In the box, all the tools you will need for the minimal assembly are there so no need to panic, Razor have covered it all. The assembly should take no more than 20 mins and full instructions, which are also in the box, are self-explanatory and easy to follow.

The scooter needs to be charged for 12 hours before its first use. There is an indicator light which will go green once ready. After the first use, it is recommended the scooter is always given 12 hours of charging and remember not to leave it on for too long as after 24 hours the battery can be severely damaged and not work at all.

The wheels

At the front is an 8 inch pneumatic tire which grips the road with ease and can perform easily on wet surfaces. To the rear of the scooter, we have a Urethane wheel which is smaller and completely covered and protected by the scooters panel. The scooter is really smooth in movement and glides along nicely.

Extra features

The Razor E100 electric scooter has a hand operated front break and a hand operated rear break, making stopping or slowing down an absolute breeze. It also features a spring-loaded kick stand to stabilize the scooter when not in use.

With the scooter, you will also find an in-depth user manual which gives lots of tips about maintenance and keeping the battery in good health to last longer. When cared for correctly, this little scooter will give your children up to 40 minutes of continuous play, depending of course on the climate and other factors. 


As with all mobility devices, you want to keep your children safe at all times. Whizzing along at 10mph can be a bit heart attack provoking for you to witness as a doting parent. So, make sure they are covered and ready for a bump. Crash helmets, knee and elbow pads are a must at all times when using the Razor E100 electric scooter.

Why I love this model

I bought the Razor E100 scooter for my 5 years old son only three months ago. The normal journey to his school would take me about 20 minutes when counting on his little legs to get there.

He is not a morning person and often the walk would make him a little worn out before he even started his long day of learning. I found this to a be a struggle for him to be able to take in the important information he was supposed to be learning.

His teacher even said he had fallen asleep in class on the odd occasion after being dropped off. My husband suggested a scooter for him and I went online to find this little beauty.

Now, our journey to school has become so much quicker and he has been bright eyed and bushy tailed in class, improving his schooling immensely. He now bounces out of bed and races through the morning routine, so he can get on his scooter in a whirl of excitement.

On the weekend, he takes his scooter to the shops, to the park and out on every given opportunity. He didn’t struggle with controlling the scooter as the twist grip throttle is designed for little hands and the design of the scooter itself gives perfect stability.

The only thing I find a little tedious if the 12 hours of charging it needs, but until batteries are developed and improved, this seems to be an unavoidable issue for now.

Final Note

I would easily say by this Razor E100 electric scooter review that, this is the best electric scooter available. Razor being one of the most trusted and well-known brands about, gives me the confidence to by their products time and again.

Knowing their whole business concept is to provide aesthetically pleasing products while being totally safety conscious at the same time. Their products all come with great instructions and minimal assembly and this scooter is yet another winner in my book. 

It has helped my son with his motor skills and coordination and makes him want to be outside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful world that we live in. His self-confidence and independence have come on leaps and bounds as well. For me it not just a toy that is safe and well made, it’s helping him to grow without him even realizing it.

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