Best Scooter Reviews 2020

A scooter is basically a motorcycle that has a step-through frame instead of you having to lift one leg over the seat to mount the bike. Scooters are normally smaller than motorcycles and the have smaller wheels than motorcycles have. They are considered by many people to be a safer alternative to a motorcycle.

In our search for the best scooter we reviewed several of these vehicles and several of the most popular brands. The following list is a compilation of what we discovered, and we hope this information enlightens you enough to making selecting the right scooter to suit your needs easier to do.

Types of Scooter

Mini Scooter (Scooty)

You can purchase mini scooters that are designed for children, or mini scooters that are designed to carry teens or adults. The mini scooters are not just smaller versions of the traditional scooter.

These scooters will be smaller and have smaller frames, and they also travel at lesser speeds. They are perfect for anyone just learning to ride a scooter, and for people who want to travel around their neighborhood, apartment complex, or shopping center.

Pro Scooter ( Stunt Scooter)

The stunt scooter has been specifically designed to make it a great choice for people who want to take their scooters to skate parks and for more adventurous scooter riding.

Traditional scooters usually have adjustable handlebars but pro scooters do not because adjustable handlebars could move when you are using the scooter in a jump situation. They also have heavier decks so they can withstand the extra pressure created by jumps. There wheels are smaller so they are good for short bursts of speed.

Kick Scooter

A kick scooter has a deck like a skateboard, and they have handlebars for you to grip. To propel the kick scooter you stand on the deck with one foot, hold onto the handlebars, and use the other foot to push against the pavement in a kicking like motion. The majority of people think of the kick scooter as a toy for children, but many people ride them on the sidewalks and use them as a means of transportation like riding a bike.

Scooter for Kids

The mini micro scooter is designed for children between the ages of two and five. These scooters will hold up to 100 pounds of weight but they need a minimum of 35 pounds to work properly.

The maxi micro scooter is designed for use by children who are between five and twelve years old. These scooters have a steering bar that can be adjusted from 24 inches to 36 inches so they grow as your kids grow. They are slightly heavier than the mini micro.

Electric Scooter

The electric scooters have rechargeable batteries that power their motors so you do not have to use physical strength to propel the scooter. The electric scooters are better designed for adults that want to use them to navigate around their neighborhoods, and they are good for kids, after the children have mastered riding and steering a normal scooter. These devices can move at speeds up to ten miles per hour.

Scooter Brands


Vokul is a reputable name in the world of scooters. They make many types of scooters but their Vokul VK-LMT kids stunt scooter is one of their most popular scooters, and it is rated by professionals as being one of the top ten stunt scooters for kids. You can buy these scooters directly from the online Vokul website.


The Fuzion scooter motto is “It's all about the ride”.  Fuzion is one of the top ten scooter manufacturers and they make high end scooters. They design four different types of scooter meant for kids and adults. The most famous Fuzion scooter is the Z300 pro. They also make the Pro X3 Complete and the Fuzion Fury, along with the infamous City Glide.

Madd Gear

Madd Gear has been one of the leading scooter manufacturers since 2002. They are liked by professional athletes and just ordinary riders as well. They have a great line of products including the Madd Gear kick extreme, the Madd Gear kick mini pro, the Madd Gear VX7 Pro, and the Madd Gear VX7 Extreme.


Razor is a well-known scooter manufacturer and they design products for both children and adults. According to the professionals 4 of the ten best scooters for kids are produced by razor. They are the Razor A3 Children’s kick scooter, the Razor A5 Lux fold up scooter, the Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter, and the Razor E300S electric scooter.


Lucky scooters are thought of as being one of the best scooter brands available. They design four basic types of scooters, these are their Kota Sig, Crew, Clover and Strata. They have scooters suitable for beginners and they have units suitable for professionals. They maintain a high quality product, that over time people have begun to associate with “the best” when they think of scooters.

How to Pick a Perfect Scooter

There are several things to consider when selecting a scooter. The main considerations are:

Age and Size of the Rider

There are scooters that are designed with smaller frames so they are more suitable for smaller riders. You also do not want to get an electric scooter for a child that is less than five years of age.

Height and Width Considerations

A traditional scooter has adjustable handle bars so you can make the handlebars easy for the rider to hold. A stunt scooter has handle bars that are in one position and cannot be adjusted.

You will also find that scooters have different widths of handlebars. It is recommended that you buy a scooter that has handlebars that are no wider than what your shoulders are. This width is comfortable for most people to hold, if the handlebars are too wide the rider will not have adequate control of the machine.


The scooters come with different size wheels. The wheels can make the scooter travel at higher rates of speed, or make the device easier to steer when it is traveling fast.

Beginners do not need to be overly concerned with wheel size, but you should buy a beginner scooter that has wheels with a metal core. They will last longer.

Final Notes

Scooters can be fun to ride and play on, and they can be a means of transportation like to and from the office or school, and they can even be extreme adventure and sports machines. You need to consider how you want to use your scooter before you go out to buy one of these items.

You also should consider the experience of the rider, the age and size of the rider, and where the person will be riding the scooter before you buy.