Top 4 Best Ryobi Cordless Sander Reviews and Guides

Our Favorites Ryibi Sanders In 2020









18 V

3 Lbs

7.6 x 7.3 x 7.4 Inches


18 V

1.4 Lbs

6.1 x 7.3 x 4.1 Inches


18 V



Simply put, it doesn't need power like the cord sander. You carry it and go to the specified workstation. Most carpenter and woodworker, use cordless sand because it is portable and safe to use.

Ryobi Cordless Sander Reviews

1. Factory Reconditioned Ryobi ZRP411 ONE+ 18-Volt 5 in. Cordless Random Orbit Sander Kit

The most selling feature of this tool is the ONE+ product line, which means it the tool can be powered by one battery. With just 18 volt sander you are able to perform your project without having to add another extra battery. ​

The ergonomic palm grip design was used in the creation of this tool so that you are able to operate it comfortably and for a long period of time. For your convenience, this tool come with a hook and loop fastening system. 

Ryobi ZRP411 ONE+ 18-Volt 5 in. Cordless Random Orbit Sander Kit

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With this tool you can move around with it very easily because it is portable. It has a dust bag that you can use to collect sawdust and leave your work station very clean.

Features of The Tool

  • Comes with 18-volt of battery and charger.
  • Can run for 10,000 orbits per minute for a thorough, smooth, swirl finish.
  • Fully integrated with a dust collection bag to ensure that your work space is 100% clean.
  • Comes with improved grip zone that overmould for superior grip.
  • A lock-on system to control the operation of the tool.
  • Fully integrated with a hook and loop system for easier fastening and convenience.

2. Ryobi P401 ONE+ 18-Volt Corner Cat Finish Sander With Sandpaper Assortment

When you order this tool, it comes with two things. A random orbit sander and an assortment of sandpaper having different grit. This is a robust tool that can sand for 40 minutes with the use of 18-volt.

Which is the right amount of time you can use to complete any woodworking project that you may have. The tool does its job well that it leaves the surfaces of wood ultra-smooth.

Well, just like the previous tool, this one also comes with dust collection bag that is essential for collecting any dust or debris from the wood.

Corner Cat Finish Sander With Sandpaper Assortment

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Features of The Tool

  • Delivers 10,000 orbits per minutes for a smooth, ultra-finish
  • Fully integrated with a dust collection bag to ensure you leave the area clean.
  • Comes with pieces of assorted sandpaper.
  • Battery and charge for this tool are sold separately
  • Very portable, that means you carry it anywhere and work with it.
  • Comes handy with an operator's manual that can guide you.

3. Ryobi P411 ONE+ 18-Volt 5 In Cordless Random Orbit Sander (Tool-only)

If you are looking for a cordless random orbit sander that produces less noise when one performing its function. Then you will love this one, because it is a robust horse power that is quiet.

This tool resembles random orbital sander, in that you need to apply minimal pressure for it to do its work. Pressing it too hard won't be effective, you just need to let the disc do the thorough work it was designed. 

Ryobi P411 One 18 Volt 5 Inch Cordless Battery Operated Random Orbit Power Sander

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When you order this tool, the Ryobi Company offers your three sanding discs. It comes to time, you can use this tool for half an hour with very little fatigue in your hands.

Features of The Tool

  • Delivers 10,000 orbits per minutes for a smooth finish on any piece of wood.
  • Comes with on-board dust collection to ensure that you leave your work sufficiently clean.
  • Has ergonomic palm grip design that makes your hands feel comfortable when you are using it.
  • Fully integrated with a hook and loop fastening system for your convenience.

Ryobi Cordless Sander | Economical But Good

The only option becomes to look for an economical cordless sander that does work like the high-end one. Fortunately, this article answers the question that most woodworkers would ask themselves. Where can I find the cheapest Ryobi cordless sander? In this article, you are going to learn about cheap Ryobi sanders that you can use in any project.

You actually don't need a high-end cordless sander to get the job done. All you need are these 4 Ryobi cordless sander. They have the right amount of grip and orbits to get the job done faster and easier. They give you that premium feel of owning a high-end cordless sander or an electric sander.

When you look at the time they take, it is roughly 40 minutes to an hour. But let me dispel one myth here: The fact these are cheap tools doesn't mean they are less inferior in performance. They do a great job. It is just that they have a certain limitation in other task that are performed by high-end cordless sander.

Still, if you are starting out in woodworking and you are on a tight budget, all you will need are these tools. At least, they will get you moving faster to accomplishing and finishing your project.

Final Verdict

All these 4 Ryobi cordless sander happens to be very economical for the everyday carpenter that wants to achieve a smooth finish with any piece of wood. They offer superior performance and they deliver excellent amount of orbits per minutes to get that project done much faster than anticipated.

​When you look at the time period, the above tools have surpassed the expectation of some of the high end tools. Considering that you will need like 30 to 40 minutes to get the work done before the next charge, should motivate you even further to own one of this tool. Because a 30 to 40-minute period is actually enough to sand two to three pieces of wood in between breaks.

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