Best RJ45 Crimpers – Ethernet Crimping Tools Reviews 2020

In the consideration of tools used by mechanics, electricians, and anyone that may be working with wires, we decided to explore the crimping tools. Our goal was to find the best rj45 crimping tool and suggest it to our readers.

We had to consult the experts that use these tools often to crimp connectors together. We asked those experts to try out a few of the tools and let us know which ones worked best for them and why they found them to be the best.

To make certain that we understood the tools, and their purposes we also asked those professionals to tell us what we should look for when we are buying these tools.

Best RJ45 Crimpers Review 2020

1. TRENDnet rj45 Crimping Tool

You can cut cables, strip them and crimp two different sizes of plugs using this tool. It is designed to be used with any telephone cable or Ethernet cable. It is designed to help you install modular plugs.

TRENDnet rj45 Crimping Tool

The tool is very easy to use and it is lightweight. It only weighs 11.2 ounces. It has both a cutter and a stripper designed into it. It also has a ratchet mechanism that keeps the tool in the closed position when you are not using it. That allows the tool to be carried in your work bag without suffering any damages, or damaging anything else in the bag.

It is capable of being used as 8P/RJ-45 crimper or the 6P/RJ-12, or the 6P/RJ-11 crimping tool. It is a handheld device that measures 10” x 4.25” x 1.5” and is manually powered so it requires no batteries. It is designed for use on unheralded connectors.

2. Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-Rjpro Hd Crimp Tool 

This is a unique crimping tool that is designed to give you the ability to make a precise clean cut that will be flush trim on the extended conductors. It is a high leverage item that can make repeated terminations and retain cutting ability to make sharp precise cuts.

Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-Rjpro Hd Crimp Tool

It will give you 360 degrees of connector support due to the size and shape of the die head. It also provides full surface contact that can deliver a uniform crimping force so you do not damage the wires, cables, or connectors you are working with, and you do not have to make the crimp more than one time.

It is designed with a built in cutter and stripper. It can be used to cut and crimp both flat cables and connectors and round cables and connectors. It weighs just one pound and measures 10” x 3” x 1”. It has a handy laser marked wiring guide to help you maintain the proper wiring sequence.

3. Dual-Modular Network Crimping Tool

This tool is crafted out of lightweight steel. It weighs only 9.6 ounces and measures 11” x 4” x 1 inch. It is easy to carry in your pouch or tool belt. It can be used to crimp plugs that are RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12. You can use it on 8P8C, and 6P6c, and 6P4C, and 4P4c, as well as 4P2C pins.

Dual-Modular Network Crimping Tool

This device both cuts and strips wire and cable using the built in cutter and stripper components. It has a safety bar brace to help eliminate possible accidents or injury while in use.

It makes clean cuts and does not mash or deform the wire or cable. When you use it to complete crimping a connector onto the wire end it will easily bend the connector and leave the wire in perfect condition. The final crimp will look neat and be sturdy enough to hold the wires together properly.

4. New RJ45 CAT5 Network Lan Cable Crimper Pliers Tools 

This is a perfect set of rj45 crimpers. They are small sized so they are light and easily fit in your tool pouch or into your tool bag. They can be locked closed so they do not injure anything inside your bag and they are not injured during transport.

New RJ45 CAT5 Network Lan Cable Crimper Pliers Tools

These crimpers are very sharp so they make precision wire cuts that are even and not wire cuts that stretch the wire coating and leave a deformed end. These cutters also strip the protective wire coating to expose the bare wire so you can easily crimp a connector onto the end and bet the best possible conductivity.

They make a crimp that is smooth and uniform. The crimp that is left by this device will allow the conductor to be snugly attached to the wire so it will not slip or lose connection.

5. Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Cable Crimper 

This is a uniquely designed crimping tool. It can be used as a wire stripper, a crimper, or a wire cutter. It is three tools in one convenient package. It is shaped like a stapler so the handle is more ergonomic and easier to depress than the handles on most ordinary crimper sets.

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Cable Crimper

It will trim the protective coating and wire to a flush end so connectors will not make unintended connections, and will make complete connections. It can crimp 4, 6, and 8 position modular connectors easily. It has convenient wire guides on the side to help you keep your wire sequence properly separated.

It has non-slip grips on the handle so it is easier to hold the device and finish the cut or the crimping with no problems. This design reduces hand strain for the user and allows you to get more work done with fewer problems.

Buying Guide

Before you rush to the hardware store and grab the first crimping tool you see there are things you should know about crimping tools. You can use the following features and tips to help you select the best crimpers for the type of work you will be doing.

Cuts, Strips and Crimps

When you are working with flat wire and round cables they are covered in a protective sheathing. Before you can crimp two sections of wire together you must cut the wire and peel back enough of the protective coating to expose the naked wire and allow the conductor sleeve to slide over the naked wire.

If the conductor sleeve does not make proper contact with an ample amount of naked wire, your connection will not function properly.

You do not want to have to carry a pair of wire cutters, and a pair of cable strippers, and a crimping tool with you. You want a crimper that is designed to cut the wire, strip back the plastic covering and then crimp the proper connector in place.

Multiple Connectors

You may want a crimper that will work with just the RJ 45 connectors if you never use an RJ 12 or RJ 11 connector. In our experts opinion it is better to get a crimper that can accommodate all of the different sizes and styles of connectors so you always have the option to work with other elements.

Comfort Grip Handles

You are going to have to hold this tool in your hand and apply enough pressure to cut through tough cable or bend wire connectors so that they get a firm grip on the wires. You need a device that is designed with comfort grip handles that will stop your hands from being strained or receiving pressure at certain points.

Length and Weight

You basically want the smallest pair of crimpers that you can find. You have to carry this item around and you want a lightweight tool that is also handy, and capable of doing the job you need it to do.

Final Thought

If you are looking for a crimping tool that can cut and crimp both flat and round cables and connectors then we suggest the Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-Rjpro Hd Crimp Tool. This tool even has a laser wiring guide on it to help you establish and maintain the proper wiring sequence.

If you are looking for a crimper that will let you work longer with less hand strain because you have to crimp and cut a lot of wires each day we recommend the Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Cable Crimper. The shape and design of this tool will make your work easier and faster to complete.

When you are working to join wires and cables you need the best rj45 crimper that you can find. It is mandatory that the crimper snugly clamps the connectors without mangling them or the wire they are joining.

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