2 Of The Best Razor Crazy Cart Reviews 2020

Getting children out into the fresh air for some good old fashioned outdoor fun is nigh on impossible with the takeover of tablets and gaming industry. Thinking of new ways to entice them into being more active can be daunting, but it needn’t be.

Imagine their little faces when you present their new drifting vehicle. The Razor crazy cart available online today are just what you need to get them smiling and squealing with delight.

The designs are cool and fresh with a modern style and new technology allows complete control. Here we will do a razor crazy cart review for two of the most popular models, what they do and how awesome they are.

Top 2 Razor Crazy Cart Reviews 201​9

1. The Razor Crazy Cart

This is an absolutely perfect gift recommended for children aged 9 years old and over who do not exceed the weight restrictions of 140lb. In a snazzy black and red racing color design, this go cart come drifting machine is ideal for kids and comes with the traditional go cart flag. It is simple to recharge and use, and it’s rugged design makes sure that your child can enjoy using  it for a long time to come.

The only downside I found with this design is the fact that there is no seatbelt to give that extra piece of mind. Having said that, the cart itself can-not topple over and the frame takes the impact of bumps.

Razor Crazy Cart Reviews

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The Engine 

The razor crazy cart has a rechargeable 24V battery and comes with a charger, bringing the magic of go carting to your home. It can reach speeds of 12mph and performs brilliantly on a constant basis for up to 40 solid minutes of go carting experience.

Safety aspects

There are built in stabilizing posts at the front of the go cart to prevent toppling, so your children can push the boundaries of speed without losing control and causing injuries. The foot pedal mechanism has variable speed capabilities for more control too. As this is a moving vehicle, all children riding in these go-carts, must wear a safety crash helmet at all times to protect their fragile and precious little heads.

The Drift Bar

This model has a drift bar which is easily lifted, transforming the go cart into a drifting machine with one smooth move. Once back down, the crazy cart is a go cart again. Giving your kids the options to travel in a sideways, front, backward and crazy spinning motions.

The wheels

The tyres are pneumatic and have suspension mechanisms to the front. Whether they are going be on the pavement or the track it works brilliantly and tackling rough terrain and muddy hills is no worry for this awesome ride on vehicle either.

What I like

I like this model because of the technological side of the design. It is innovative and new with the drifting mechanism and ease of use. The ability for it to be a great go kart and drifter with only seconds to change between the two is a real selling point. Your child can have fun and impress their friends with their new found skills. 

2. Razor Crazy Cart Electric 360 Spinning Drifting Kids Ride On Outdoor Go Cart

This model is also very popular and is kind of an upgrade on the original Crazy Cart design we just covered. The same colors give an impressive go cart look and finish to its patented drifting design. Spinning in the cart is so easy and it is even safer than the original Crazy Cart. Also recommended for children over 9 years old and has a maximum weight restriction of 140lb.

Razor Crazy Cart Electric

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The engine

This cart is electronic and operates using a 24V rechargeable battery system. Reaching speeds of 12mph this little bad boy toy is sure to impress your children. The engine will give your child at least 40 minutes of constant play. And as we know children are more likely to stop and start, that should give them a good day of playing on and off the machine.

Safety aspects

This model also has the front stabilizing posts already built in to prevent toppling over. The frame itself takes the impact of bumps easily with little to no damage at all to the cart. The maximum speed is 12mph. This model comes with a seatbelt which prevents injuries and impact from effecting your child whilst playing. Bumps are unavoidable so always insist on your child wearing a safety crash helmet when in the cart.

The Wheels

The tyres are again pneumatic, and the front tire has the suspension you will need when going off road with this little cart. Easily cornering the tightest spots and spinning in 360-degrees, these tyres are perfect for the job at hand and are guaranteed not to disappoint when on rough and uneven terrain as well as on the smooth tarmac of the pavement or driveway.

The Drift Bar

The drift bar can be lifted to send this crazy cart into a fantastic spin. It enables your child to drift sideways and can be replaced into its original position to go back to the basics of a normal go cart in seconds, so they can choose what they want to do whenever the desire takes them

What I Think

This is my favorite out of the two designs, because of the added seatbelt for complete safety and piece of mind as a parent when my child is riding in his go cart. Aside for the safety, this upgraded version has even better spinning capabilities in comparison to the original crazy cart design, so in theory can give you children even more fun and excitement.

Final Note

In my review of two of the best Crazy Carts, we can see that both of the designs are ideal for getting kids out to play. The joy they experience when playing with either model is priceless and luckily, these amazing toy go-carts are inexpensive and easily maintained.

The designs have come a long way since I was a child with its electronically operated mechanism and drifting options. It truly is amazing to see my children playing so happily and knowing they are safe whilst riding is hugely important to myself and parents alike.

Hopefully my razor crazy cart reviews will help you in making the decision that little bit easier.

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