Choosing the Best Quality Sandpaper Belts

The sandpaper belt is a tool that is imperative for people who are engaged in doing temporary projects. This type of tool is used to smoothen out rough edges, refining projects and more. You can only get the desired results from sanding, provided you have the right kind of sanding tools like sanding discs, etc.

While they can be customized, such tools are available in a variety of standard sizes as well. Though many are not aware, professional sanders use sandpaper belts that are a normal size and that does not have to be customized.

Home Depot and similar hardware stores have stocks of such belts. The most important aspect, in order for your belt to work correctly, is to buy the right type and size.

Different Widths

The sanding belt is available in different widths as well as grits. Usually the extent of the belts ultimately decides on the type of project one will be able to do.

When making this type of decision, one has to keep in mind the application of the sander before making the purchase. A unique sander will deal with more than two different widths.

Different Breadths

The sandpaper girths have different breadths as well. Most sanders use two different breadths for a project, though the type of project usually decides the kind of breadth that is required. Thus, it is important to know how you would use the belt and then decide on the breadth size that you require.

For any sanding girth you buy you should know its features and benefits thoroughly. If you want an exquisite finish to your project, you should also buy tools accordingly.

Rolls, sheets, bands and disks are the various types of abrasives you get in the market. The right type of sandpaper is needed for a successful completion of any woodworking project. Such papers are used for polishing, sanding as well as grinding of metals and wood.


Sandpaper belts can be categorized according to their functionality. There are some that are used for working on glass, wood and others for metal. Woodworking sandpaper has silicon carbide and aluminum oxide on the paper and cloth lining.

They have a wide range of coatings, grits and flexibility. Such sandpapers offer strength and durability to any kind of woodworking application. Woodworking sandpaper would not work well on glass sanding as the grits have to be different.

Metal Working Belts

For polishing and grinding a wide range of metals, the metal working belts are best. Various sizes of these belts are necessary for application in robotic machinery, mini-belt grinders, back stand grinders and other devices that use sandpaper belts.

They are used both in wet and dry applications. The glass working sand belts contain silicon carbide grains and are also available in multiple sizes. They bring out the best results during the sanding process of glass and can be used both for wet and dry processes.


Make sure to check the guarantee clauses of the sanding belts before making a purchase. Some sand belts carry a warranty of 30 to 60 days, others do not at all. Additionally, it is advisable for you to shop from outlets that offer you reasonable prices for the sandpaper belts and avoid those who charge exuberant amounts of money.

Final Note

Hope, this Sandpaper Belts buying guide will help you to choose the right one for you .

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