Best Power Tools Brand and OEM in the World

The best power tools brand and OEM in the world is a relative statement. People have differing opinions about what makes a power tool one of the best.

To be considered one of the best power tools companies you have to have been in business long enough to build a reputation for quality merchandise and great customer service. The following companies all began as small companies with a vision that is now brand names known worldwide.


DeWalt is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools. They got their start in 1922 when company founder Raymond DeWalt perfected a woodworking tool that would increase productivity.

DeWalt moves their manufacturing to Lancaster in 1929, and 20 years later they are acquired by American Machine Foundry.

DeWalt invested time and energy developing the best power tools and the finest accessories for those tools. They have established a name of excellence amongst the construction and building trades who regularly use their tools.

DeWalt also offers a wide selection of hand tools, and accessories such as batteries, chargers, abrasives, anchors, fasteners, and more. Their inventory is capable of supplying the majority of all construction needs.

This innovative company also offers services like jobsite WiFi systems, storage systems, and their trademark Mobilelock.


Makita got its start as an electric motor sales and repair company in 1915. Today Makita is a globally known company that manufactures power tools, accessories, outdoor power equipment and more.

Makita tools are smaller than many of its competitors so they are easy to hold. Their tools operate smoothly and have less vibration than most of their competitors.

Most professional construction workers, carpenters, electricians, and other craftsmen will tell you that when you have a Makita tool you have a tool you can trust.


Milwaukee power tools began their incredible journey in 1924. The company manufactures and designs power tools that are durable, reliable, and do just what the worker needs them to do.

They were acquired by Techtronic Industries Company in 2005, but their commitment to creating power tools that do the work that really needs doing has not diminished.

This once small company is now a recognized brand all around the world. Their innovative tool designs, and their exhaustive research on what real workers need their tools to do have allowed them to be a brand that is synonymous with excellence.

Milwaukee designs their tools so that the tools have specific features that enhance their performance for the different tradesmen that work with them.


Hitachi power tools began in 1948. They built a strong name and reputation with durable power tools. In 2018 they renamed their company Metabo HPT. They are a subsidiary company of Koki Holdings Co, Ltd.

Hitachi tools are known amongst trade-workers for precision pieces of equipment that you can count on. The new name will not change any aspect of the tools, how they are manufactured, designed, or the warranties that apply to those tools.

Their latest innovative tool is a line of power tools that can be used as corded or cordless devices according to your needs. This will be a game changer for the cordless tool customer. This technology will allow a customer with a cordless drill to continue to work even though their battery has been completed discharged. Other cordless power tools at this time require you to buy more of the expensive batteries and have those batteries on hand, and charged, so you can keep working if your battery is completely discharged. Homeowners and professional construction workers will benefit greatly from this new advancement and design.

Oem Companies

Nephros was founded in 1997 and they produce OEM medical devices. The healthcare professionals affiliated with Columbia University Medical Center founded Nephros to help them address the requirements of people suffering from chronic renal failure.

They focus mainly on hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology. They have fifteen different innovative products geared towards this type of filtration.

The blood purification system that was developed by Nephros is known as mid-dilution hemofibralation. It removes a large range of harmful substances and contaminants that cause illnesses like carpal tunnel, degenerative bone disease and dialysis-related amyloidosis in patients who are in chronic renal failure.

They have developed outstanding water purification systems that have increased the medical facilities’ efforts to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. At this time they are working on water purification systems for the military that will provide clean drinking water in third world countries.

Final Thought

The companies listed above are all globally known companies that provide services and products that help make our work easier, and our lives easier to live.

The technology that these companies use changes each year so there are always exciting, innovative products available to help us in our daily activities.

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