The 5 Best Power Sander – Reviews 2018 With Buying Guide

Sanding is an interesting and fun activity that you can do as a fun activity to relax or even for professional purposes. You need to equip yourself fully with the right sander tool so that you can sand surfaces easily, be able to enjoy the experience and have great results in the end.

A serious and committed sander has to have a power sanding tool for the job. In writing this review, there were many factors that I came across that made me realize only a few sanders have these great features to help you have a great sanding experience.

What kind of features should be included in a review for you to read and how can you find out what are the best power sanders for your work?

Do power sanders need to be corded or cordless? Is their ability to give a smooth sanding limited to anything? By reading on, I know and believe that you will find every information you need to purchase your perfect power sander or cordless sander.

1. BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

Do you want to own the power sander for effective sanding? I know many handymen want a machine that will not disappoint them while they are working.

Get the BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander, and you will note a significant change in the way you handle your sanding jobs.

You will also enjoy a two year warranty when you are using this orbital sander. In case the machine has any defects or fails to work, you are free to contact the manufacturer.

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Cleaner Work place

Sanding is a job that produces a lot of dust. This power tool comes with an efficient dust collection system that guarantees you of a cleaner workplace. You do not expect to deal with dust lying over your working surface.

Compact Size

A good orbital sander should allow you to sand even on the tightest places. This is why the company has made this tool compact to allow easy penetration on all types of spaces.

3-Position Grip

When you are sanding, the tool provides you with 3-position grip for effective control and ease of use. This makes this machine perfect for handling different sanding activities.

2. DEWALT D26441K 2.4-AMP Orbital 1/4-Sheet Sander

Ideal for finishing tasks this sander has great features that will help you achieve the perfect smooth finish you have wished for and fast.

Noise can be both disturbing and irritating to you while working if you are using a sanding tool that cranks up with noise as it vibrates. 

This D26441K sander has a built in anti-vibration design to reduce the tools vibration while working.

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With a 2.4 amp motor, this sander is able to have an orbit of 14000 orbits per minute ensuring that is steady while sanding and has well clear smooth finishes on your surface.


This sander is portable with, such ease as it comes with a lightweight design to ensure that the sander is convenient to your use even for long periods of time without much straining. This ensures great work is achieved.


For convenience with this sander, it is well addressed as it uses and utilizes standard sandpaper sheets for versatility to maximize performance. It also has well-textured grip designs to increase the grip firmness of your hand on the tool.

3. Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander

Enjoy more sanding experiences with a sander that has perfect sanding and great smooth finishes. Don’t let it be a normal experience while you can make it fun and easy with perfect results with the right tool.

Dust problems with this sander is not a problem anymore for you since it has an efficient throughthe- pad dust collection system that ensures dust control.


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Ease Of Use

This sander has a large clamping lever for quick and easy paper installation. It also as precision engineered allbearing construction for reduced vibration and noise which makes it easy and great for use.

Firm Grip

Coming with a contoured and rubberized palm grip handle design is a feature to ensure that the sander is firm on your hands and easily used for better control and results.


This sander has a rubber sealed switch that prevents dust contamination with the user through inhaling it or with the tool through ingestion. It also has a conveniently located on/off switch for easy one handed operation. One of the best power sheet sander you can ever purchase.

4. BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 1/4-Sheet Orbital Sander

Power tools are designed to make our work easier. When you are handling a large sanding project, having the right orbital sander will allow you to do a perfect job and get better results.

With a strong and reliable power tool like the BLACK and DECKER BDEQS300, you are assured of an improved performance and better finishes.


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270 Degrees Flush Sanding

This power tool allows you to cover 270 degrees flush sanding clearance. This is an effective coverage hence you can tackle a large sanding project in a day.

2.0 Amp Motor

The sander comes equipped with a powerful motor for better results. The motor offers enough power that is ideal for finish sanding and other detailed work.

Effective Dust Collection

The dust collection system on the tool is efficient such that you do not have to worry about a dirty workplace. You will always maintain a dust-free working environment.

Sandpaper Sheet

When you purchase this sander, you will enjoy using the sandpaper sheet that is included. This saves you the cost of buying the sandpaper so you can get to work immediately with this machine.

5. WEN 6313 Electric 1/3 Sheet Sander

For those people who have been sanding for a long time, you know how effective a sander is in handling different materials.

Unfortunately, not all the power tools available will be meet your sanding needs.

This means that you should get a reliable tool like the WEN 6313 Electric 1/3 Sheet Sander for effective sanding.


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Dust Collection Bag

Dust is a major cause for many respiratory diseases. This is why you need to work in a dust free environment to ensure that you are safe. The tool comes with a dust collection bag meaning that you will always have a clean workplace when you are using this machine.

Larger Sanding Surface

As compared to other models of sanders that you will come across, this model features a large sanding surface so you can get your job done pretty fast.

Hook and Loop Base

This lightweight sander also features a hook and loop base pad that gives room for easy sandpaper removal and installation.

Power Sanders Buying Guide

When out to buy a good power sander it is crucial to take into consideration some key features that will allow you to enjoy sanding and have perfect results.


Having a portable tool that is easily carried around with ease is a feature that you cannot afford to ignore. This is because a tool that is easy to carry is more efficient and has greater comfort while working.

User comfort helps to ensure that the user is able to use the tool for longer periods, and this helps ensure great sanding experience and a perfect job.

Power Source

The source of power for a sander is important a feature to be considered. This is because we have two power sources one cable power, and the other is charged battery power. Both are great sources and yet have their limitations.

For the power, it runs all through if there is current flow but stops when the current is disrupted while for the charged battery it runs when it has been charged but stops when the stored power is depleted. For long period sanding, cable power source is recommended to ensure the process is continuous but for high surfaces and finishing you can opt for the battery charger sander.

Dust Control

When sanding, dust can be a big issue to both the sanding tool and the user. Some sanders have built in features to deal with the dust created from sanding to ensure it does not interfere with the sanding work.

It is worth checking if there is a dust extractor system put in place or a place to attach your own vacuum hose to minimize exposure to dust. This feature helps ensure a clean and safe environment is maintained while sanding.


It is a relief when one has a tool that can be used in more than one type of ways. A power tool with multi-use is a true jack of all trades.

Combining the functions of a sander with the ability to saw and possibly more is a great feature. This would be a very useful tool for both your odd jobs and for big projects to handle.

Other Considerations

  • Check the pad system
  • Check the battery life
  • Consider the cord length
  • Check the motor size

Final Verdict

I gathered enough relevant information to provide you with some fantastic features from various power tools for sanding and finishing. The ability to work on various different surfaces that you can give a try. You need the power sanders for a great working experience. And enjoy the work using a sander that will not let you down.

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