What Is The Best Palm Sander For The Money – Reviews 2020

Palm sander may not be as big and huge as other power tools but they will amaze you with the kind of work they can do and the beauty of it.

Palm sanders are mostly used for finishing while random orbital sanders are mostly used for rough sanding. Palm sanders are very much essential when it comes to smoothing wood projects when preparing for polishing. But to get the smoothest you need to choose the best palm sanders on the market.

What is the difference between all these tools anyway? Do the features really matter as such while choosing which sander to use for polishing or sanding? These are among the questions I asked myself before writing this review so as to help you make an informed decision about which sander to purchase.

Many a people find it difficult to determine the perfect sanders there is to purchase to complete their sanding job. In the following reviews I have highlighted several best options of palm sanders that will not let you down from you to choose from the many types the market has to offer.

Best Palm Sander In 2020 Reviewed

1. PORTER-CABLE 380 1/4 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm Sander

Generally this sander is used for fine finishing before coatings and less aggressive material removal. It has a smooth outcome on the surface it is sanded on and rarely does it leave any swirls.

This porter cable sander is fast as it has a speed of 13500 revolutions per minute that help in ensuring all the roughness is easily sanded for smoother and better sanding results which leaves no rough part on the surface unattended to.


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Dust protected

Protection against dust is not only meant for the user but also for the tool itself. Dust ingestion in the tool may cause clogging and subsequently tool failure hence this sander has been designed in a way that it has a dust sealed switch that protects the sander from dust ingestion and thus prolongs its use.


Comfort while using this tool has been achieved by low vibration design which has been counterbalanced to ensure it is not disturbing to the user. The tool also has a dual planeput in place that makes it easy to move and work with thesander.


The pad design of this sander is one of a kind. It has been designed in a way that sanding into corners is not a problem and is very effective as well. This makes the sander good for furniture with very rough corners. This might be the best 1/4 sheet palm sander.

2. ATD Tools 2088 6 Inch Palm Sander

For finishing jobs and paint preparation o surfaces this TD tools orbital palm sander is the tool that you want in your house for the job.

It displays a sanding job that you will feel it was worth you using the tool.

This tool has a hook and loop sanding disc pad fitted that ensures the user does not find it a problem to change the pad and replace it with another while working.


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This sander uses air sanction to perform its task and this enables the sander to have great work with no swirls and ease in control. It is quite strong and is able to have a rapid material removal on the surface it is working on.


Control while sanding is an important factor since it helps in determining the outcome of the sanding process. This sander has been fitted with a variable air speed control to ensure the sanding speed is controlled by the user.


The weight of a sander can be uncomfortable especially if it is heavy to the user. This sander is light weighing 2.2 lbs. which is not much for you to lift the tool and move around with it while working. This might be the best palm sander for wood among all in this list.

3. PowRyte Basic 100354 6-Inch Air Palm Sander

Powryte basic air palm sander is designed for surface preparation and final finish sanding of different surfaces.

This sander is mostly used where the finest and very smooth surface finishes are required.

This sander is fitted with a touch control trigger for greater comfort and control of the tool while working. This is important to ensure good sanding results are achieved by using the palm sander.


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Long Lasting

This palm sander is designed with a durable composite body with also a cushion grip housing covers that allows for you to have a firm grip on the tool ensuring its durability is well enhanced for better use.


Coming with a portable vacuum system which enables the sander to use less air and also has a low vibration makes it very much efficient since these features ensure the sander uses less air yet reaches maximum power without a problem hence efficient.

Less Noisy

The sander has a stick on pad ideal for quick and easy changeover while an adjustable exhaust port keeps dust and debris away reducing the risk of clogging. This together with internal silencing reduces noise level and the tool is comfortable to work with.

4. Astro 325P ONYX 6-Inch Finishing Palm Sander

Why have a sander that is light weight, easy to use and comfortable? Well this sander proves that sanding can be enjoyable.

This sander is highly powered and gives a rare stroke finish that you will not want to lack on your surfaces. Though light it is powerful to give great sanding results you will like.

The sander has been made in a very compact manner so that the user is assured of no fatigue problems to worry about and keeps the tool functional for longer periods of time.


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Extended Life

The Astro finishing palm sander has an extended life from its design of being fitted with sealed bearings. These bearings act as shock absorbers and reduce friction in the tool to ensure it stays intact and stronger for longer.

Stroke Finish

For perfect finish results this sander has it all it takes to give that. With twin pads and great power at work then you are lest assured that the finish results of this tool are perfect and swirless.

5. Genesis GPS080 Corner Palm Sander

This sander has it all in one to give all types of perfect sanding into details.

Flexibility of this sander is a main feature as it reaches even into very tight spaces and you will not have a reason not to sand small surfaces and miss out those very small details while sanding.

Another feature is the hook and loop system that allows easy and fast sandpaper change when it is worn out makes the tool last longer to give quality finish while working.


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Very Fast

The Genesis sander produces enough power for the tool to work fast and without any incidences. The sander has a speed of 14000 obits per minute which is quite a good speed to work with and helps maintain maximum control of the tool to the user’s preference.

Long Lasting

This tool features are such that they help ensure it is long lasting. Features like the sealed switch which help ensure clogging of the tool is not a problem makes the tool durable.


This sander has been fitted with three sandpaper that can be interchanged at will by the user when need be. They include 80, 120 and 240 grits that ensure maximum performance of the tool.


The sander has a flexible body that is able to fit in small places around the area of work and this ensures all areas are well sandered and smooth. This feature also makes it more convenient to use with smaller furniture.

Quick Tips on How to Choose the Best Palm Sanders

When choosing a palm sander there are several features that should not be overlooked as their importance is great. These features may vary from one person to another but generally these should at least not miss in the sanders make and design.


Many of the power tools known to us have been fitted with big motors but that is not what is important to achieve a perfect sanding job. Palm sanders as the word suggests are mostly used using the palm of the hand which means that not much effort or strength is needed from them to operate effectively hence a big motor is out of the question.

Dust Expulsion

Dust production from furniture while sanding is not a new experience and the effects of this dust are well known. Inhaling the dust may result to respiratory problems while ingestion into the sander may cause clogging and consequently tool failure. A fan pulls dust through holes in the sandpaper that you make using a punch plate.

The fan then blows the dust into a fabric bag or a canister with a filter where the dust is stored until it gets full and is emptied by the user. This ensures that dust is not a problem to worry about anymore. If you are choosy about the dust while sending then I suggest you to go for best palm sander dust collection.

Ease Of Use

The use of a sander needs to be kept at the easiest level there can be. This is because while sanding does not require much a skill to use it is imperative to have good sanding results and smooth outcomes on furniture.

An easy to use palm sander enables the user to comfortably polish furniture without much straining and you are more assured of perfect sanding outcomes.

Other Considerations

  • Consider the size of the dust bag or canister
  • Check the adjustability of the grip positions
  • Consider the ease of sandpaper change
  • Check if there is a punch plate in place

Final Verdict

Coming to think of it sanders are a tool that can change our furniture into beautiful designs that we want and to make it better enjoying as we use them.

The most basic sanders make at least a smooth surface on the furniture but for quality results then these top rated palm sanders I reviewed beat out many other models in the market.

If you’re looking for information about sanding tools this best palm sander review is your best source to choose the best that suits your taste and preference from the above unbiased and well discussed palm sanders.

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