The 6 Best Mechanic Flashlight In 2020 – Reviews And Analysis

If you are a mechanic, either professional or someone tinkering with their own car, chances are you have needed a flashlight more than once. With so many available on the market it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase. On our list of best mechanic flashlights, we have a variety of affordable flashlights to suit your needs.

Also, different jobs on a car require different amounts of light. Everyone has different needs and requirements when working on a vehicle. Whether you need a headlamp, a penlight or telescoping torch we have it covered. 

6 Best Mechanic Flashlights 2020 Reviews

1. Torchstar Telescoping Rechargeable Flashlight Zoomable with moveable head

This easy to use flashlight has a lot going for it. The mega strong, magnetic base lets the flashlight attach firmly. Then your hands are free to focus on the job at hand. The body of the light has a telescoping feature with a 90-degree rotatable lamp head which will light up the exact spot you need. 

This Torchstar flashlight comes with the flexibility of 2 different lights; a 150lm flashlight and also, on the side, it has a 120lm ultra-bright COB floodlight.

Telescoping Rechargeable Flashlight Zoomable with moveable head

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With several ways to charge, you can avoid annoying trips to the store for batteries. You can use the car charger, USB cable or USB plug. This really is a durable and reliable flashlight.

2. Torchstar Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light/Flashlight, Spotlight & Floodlight, UL-listed power supply

The next flashlight on the list is also a Torchstar. It is cordless and fits into all kinds of spaces. No hassling with a long cord while trying to get the job done. The LED work light is properly made, and you can charge this flashlight with your choice of the included car charger and power adaptor.

With its powerful magnet to hold the flashlight in place; your hands are free to work. You can use this as a flashlight, a work light or a lantern. The 360-degree rotational hook gives you a lot of flexibility to get light where you want it.

Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light/Flashlight, Spotlight+Floodlight, UL-listed power supply + Car charger

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This flashlight takes a beating and is not easy to break if it accidentally falls. The surface of this flashlight is rugged and will help prevent it from slipping in your hands though.

3. TORCHSTAR Telescoping Rechargeable LED Flashlight & Work Light, Floodlight + Spotlight

This Torchstar, which emits 120lm of bright light, is comfortable to use and has a cool to the touch handle with ribbing to help keep it from sliding out of your hands. The tough ABS housing resists corrosion and shock. 

I like that you easily have a hands-free option with the use of the extremely strong magnetic base. The base steadily holds on to metal surfaces at any angle. The metal hook you can pull out of the bottom also helps you hang it somewhere convenient.

Telescoping Rechargeable LED Flashlight & Work Light, Floodlight + Spotlight

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Enclosed with the packaging are a car charger, USB cable, and USB plug. You can charge it from home or when you are out on the road. On the side of the flashlight is a mega-bright 120lm COB floodlight which comes in handy when you need to work in the dark.

4. Nextorch NXK3 Model K3 Clip and Go Penlight Flashlight

This Nextorch penlight flashlight, with white CREE, LED light, is perfect for undercarriage work on a car you might be working on. Big bulky flashlights may not work well for an undercarriage job.

It comes with four different light modes: low - 25 lumens, medium - 70 lumens, high - 180 lumens, and a strobe mode. This black penlight flashlight is housed in hard anodized aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum to help prevent breakage if it falls accidentally. 

Nextorch NXK3 Model K3 Clip and Go Penlight Flashlight

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The stainless-wire clip is a handy feature and holds up well. It comes with two AAA batteries, and it runs for a long time on them. This light is handy, easy to use and comes at a great price. I highly recommend this product. One of the best mechanic light I ever used.

5. MyRoii Premium LED Headlamp Lightweight 2.6oz, Waterproof, Shockproof Headlight Flashlight

This super-comfortable and lightweight MyRoii headlight weighs in at only 2.6oz. A headlight should not weigh you down while you work. It’s great for working under the dash or rewiring your car. 

With an ultrabright light and 45-degree bendable body, you can shine this headlight where you need it to get the job done. This bendable feature allows you to look down or straight ahead with ease. This headlight flashlight can reach up to 450 feet!

Premium LED Headlamp Lightweight 2.6oz, Waterproof, Shockproof Headlight Flashlight

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I love the two switches and choice of two red light modes and three white light modes (including SOS modes.) 

While fantastic for mechanics, it is also great for campers, handymen, DIY enthusiasts, runners, bikers and more! 5w CREE XP-E LED technology ensures a longer run time even with the super bright light.

6. Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight with Holster

This penlight with a holster by Streamlight is a great product. The extremely bright light is 90 lumens. The ½ watt LED can last up to 30,000 hours! 

The polycarbonate lens is unbreakable. If you need a bright light for a low price, this is your penlight. It’s compact, at 5.3 inches, and simple to use. I love how light-weight this penlight is, at just 1.64 oz.

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight with Holster

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Made of anodized aluminum and endowed with a comfort grip that is rubberized and non-slip, this penlight is resistant to breakage if it slips from your hands. It has been verified in drop tests of over six feet and is water-resistant construction is also corrosion-resistant. Whether doing undercarriage work on your car or looking in between the seat for lost items, this penlight will do the trick.

Things To Consider Before Buying Mechanic Flashlights 


When looking for a mechanic flashlight, it is important to decide how you will use it. While penlights are great for undercarriage work, it is better to use a headlight for under the dash or rewiring projects. If you are a professional mechanic, we recommend at least having one flashlight like any of the three Torchstars we listed. 

Like having a toolkit, it cannot hurt to have a few flashlights to cover every eventuality. I have a penlight, headlight and more traditional flashlight for my varying needs when working on cars or doing DIY work. The flexibility of having a few different flashlights is beneficial.


You can find some really good mechanic flashlights for low prices. While you usually “get what you pay for” in life, you can still get a long-life flashlight without breaking the bank. That said, don’t rush to pick the cheapest thing you find without looking at the specifications and reviews for the product. 


Trusted brands usually have high-quality workmanship on their products but always do your homework. Review specifications and take a minute to read some online reviews. Many enthusiasts and professionals in your craft like to leave lengthy reviews as they get excited about certain features or want to warn you about others. 


Check specifications of flashlights you are interested in for features that are important to you. For a flashlight, the most important feature is the light for most people. CREE LED lights give you many uses over the life of your flashlight. 

Check how many lumens a light emits and if it has different modes for different uses. While you may be tempted to buy an extremely bright light, anything over 200 lumens can be tough on your eyes in many environments. 

Is it important to you that you have several modes of light available? Check specifications listed to see how many options you have. Depending on the use (beam, floodlight, etc.), different flashlights have different options. Some even offer red light modes and white light modes in the same flashlight. An SOS mode can come in handy in an emergency, such as being stalled on the side of a road at night. 


As any mechanic or handy person will tell you, accidents happen. We have all dropped tools or flashlights on occasion. Check to see that the flashlight housing is built from a sturdy material. Anodized aluminum is an ultra strong material that helps protect your flashlight if it accidentally falls. 


While penlight and headlight flashlights usually run on batteries, many bigger flashlights have the option of being charged with a car charger, USB cable, standard 18650 battery charger or USB plug. They can also be cordless. Cords can really get in the way when working on a car. 

Hands-free is a great option for almost any flashlight. Choose a flashlight with a strong magnetic base to ensure it will stay in place while you work. You don’t want your flashlight falling on your head while you are doing something important.

Final Note

Finding the right flashlight for the right job is important. While a super bright light might be perfect for some work, it is not necessary and can be annoying, for other work.

Always look over specifications to see if the light you want has all or most of the features you need. If your financial situation allows and you know you will be doing frequent work, consider buying a few flashlights for different situations to make your job easier.

Hopefully, this best mechanic flashlight list will help you to find the right flashlight (or flashlights) for your needs.

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