The 5 Best DA Sanders Or Dual Action Sander – Review 2020

Dual Action Sanders are the must needed tool for any sort of smooth finish. You have to decide which one you need? The electric or pneumatic. Small worker or home owners like the electric DA sanders where as industrial or garage users like the pneumatic one.

For those of us who are not used to with the tool, we will start by explaining what is a DA sander and the general applications of this power tool. Precisely, a sander is a tool that is used to smooth surfaces through abrasion. The tools are designed in such a way that they attach sandpaper which is moved rapidly on a surface to make it smooth.

You might be wondering how you are going to purchase the best DA sander. It is simple, I have reviewed some top models available on the market, and they are widely known for offering nothing but the finest results.









12000 RPM

4.2 Lbs

4.3 x 10.5 x 6.4 Inches


2,500-6,800 OPM

6.0 Lbs

11.5 x 10.5 x 6 Inches



3.15 Lbs

7 x 5 x 6 Inches


10000 RPM

4.25 Lbs

10.1 x 6.5 x 4.5 Inches

Reviews of 5 Best DA Sander

1. DEWALT DWMT70780 Dual Action Sander

Having a quick changeover while working with a sander is an efficient way to have your sanding work done fast and perfectly not forgetting it proves the sander to be very convenient for sanding use.

Revolving at 11000 revolutions per minute this sander is fast enough to ensure that the hard surfaces being sanded do not stand a chance and makes the job easier for you.


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Quick Change

Coming with a keyless quick disc release, this Dewalt sander ensures fast and easy disc change for maximum performance. This helps ensure that the sanding job is very smooth and done to perfection.


This Dewalt sander, has ¼ inch air inlet and speed control dial that lets you regulate the speed to your preference making it better for use and control that in turn ensures smooth and perfect sanding is achieved.

Cushion Housing

This sander is well protected from aging by the presence of a cushion housing cover that lets it last longer for maximum performance. It also has a rubber fitted handle that ensures the user has a firm grip on the tool while using it.

2. Ingersoll Rand 311a 6-Inch Heavy Duty Air DA Sander

A quiet sander that has minimal vibrations goes a long way to ensuring that the user is comfortable and enjoys sanding.

This sander has a dual pad rotation that is efficient to ensure that the surface being sanded has swirl-free finishes.

It also has a lever throttle that takes pressure off your palm reducing the weight of the tool and this increases the pad rotation resulting to fine detail work.


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Low Vibration

This sander is designed to have a low vibration that results in dependable performance. This low vibration is also important as the user does not feel the much thrust of the tool while using it for sanding made possible by the presence of a built-in silencer muffle.

Speed Control

Being able to control the speed of a sander is crucial for the user since one can regulate it to a level that is self-preferred to ensure maximum performance and great sanding. This sander has an adjustable built-in regulator for perfect speed control.


This Ingersoll sander is a heavy duty six-inch dual action quiet sander that combines all the latest advances for excellent control and brilliant surfaces which help to make your work easier and faster so you can get more done without sacrificing comfort or quality.

3. Porter Cable 7346sp 6 Inch Random Orbit DA Sander

Great comfort and user-friendly DA sanders are among the most important features that users look for in sanding machines.

To add to this is the ability of the tool to perform well and provide the smooth and quality work expected.

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This sander accepts 5/16 -24 spindle thread accessories which prove it quite convenient as it is not bound to using a single specific accessory and this increases the likelihood of the sander to provide quality sanding work.

Double Sided Grip Positions

This Porter Cable orbit sander features two positions left and right removable side handle for greater comfort while handling the tool and better control to help you achieve the perfect and smooth sanding job.

Random Orbit

This sander features a 6 inch polisher and sander with a 4.5 amp motor for high overload protection and maximizing a random orbit that ensures better and smoother sanding. This is the best DA sander for bodywork.

Large-Pad Use

Being able to use a sander with a large pad tightly fixed is a feature you cannot fail to notice and like. This sander includes a 6 inch proprietary counter balance for use with 6 inch sanding or polishing pad that ensures great sanding.

4. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

It could be you are not happy with your performance at work because of the type of tools that you are using.

If you have an orbital sander that doesn't work well, you might not do sanding effectively.

Get the Black & Decker BDERO100, and take your sanding applications to a new level. This is a powerful tool that will get your job done while still offering the best outcome.


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Dependable Motor Power

The power of the motor determines whether a product will work well or not. This unit features a reliable 2amp motor that is durable and offers enough sanding power.


This sander is lightweight and features an ergonomic design for easy handling. You can always achieve a maximum control when you are doing your work.

Cleaner Work Place

You know how sanding produces a lot of dust that can destroy the machine and harm your health. The sander features a built-in dust collection hence giving you a cleaner work area all the time.


This random orbital sander works well, and it is best suited for high removal rate and attaining a top quality finish. This make it best electric DA sander among all.

5. Chicago Pneumatic Cp870 Dual Action Sander

This pneumatic DA sander is a general duty dual-action sander that offers great edging, metal preparation, and finish work which helps ensure smooth sanding with perfect results that you will marvel about.

This sander is very effective and ensures rapid removal is achieved as well as fine finishing which is made possible by its design to have both rotary and orbital motion.

Durability is an important feature ad this sander is made from a metal composite material that ensures it lasts longer for maximum use.

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Coming with a well-fixed motor that allows 10000 orbits per minute this sander is fast to ensure that the working surface is smooth to your expectation and has a perfectly smooth finish as expected.


This sander has its safety in place as it has a lock off throttle that ensures the sander does not have any accidental startups when not in use. It also has a speed regulator to match the speed of the user for safe use of the sander. One of the best pneumatic DA sander for the money according to my personal experience.

What size air compressor do I need for DA sander?

When it comes to using a pneumatic DA sander, choosing the right air compressor essentially important. You are not allowed to randomly pick one. If the compressor you have chosen cannot meet the tools needs, the total investment, money and time, will go vain. Here are some specs that an ideal air compressor for dual action sander must-have.

The first and foremost thing indicating the value of an air compressor is CFM that stands for cubic feet per minute and determines the volume of air produced by an air compressor at a specific pressure level. The CFM requirement varies based on the type of air tools. Unlike other air tools, relatively a higher airflow is demanded by a dual-action sander because the sanding process requires a constant airflow. However, an air compressor with an average CFM around 20 should suffice for a dual sander.

Besides, you have to check the PSI of the compressor to ensure if it’s sufficient for your sander. PSI stands for pound per square inch. It indicates the force of airflow generated by a compressor. Like many other pneumatic tools, dual sander doesn’t require much higher air pressure. An air compressor with 90-100 PSI pressure is enough to run sanders.

Moreover, don’t forget to look at tank size while picking the compressor for your da sander. Usually, the tank size is determined by the gallon. The more the number of the gallon, the larger the tank is. Since air sanders need continuous airflow for smooth operation, it’s always advisable to use a larger tank to run your device for a long time. If you want to know more about how to size an air compressor for different air tools, go through

Step By Step Buying Guide Of DA Sander

Making sanding not only more fun and enjoyable but also a regular activity then you need to not only change the type of sander to buy but also the type of features you should look for the perfect sander that will suit your needs.

Great Finish

Perfect and smooth sanding work is recognized not only by many but is also seen from far, and this is important since you will have achieved a great sanding experience.

The presence of swirls on an already sanded surface is an indication that the used sander is not up to the task of ensuring the sanding or polish job is perfect hence a perfect sander is best recommended for better results.


Being safe while sanding and also ensuring the safety of the sander itself is also a prime feature that should be observed.

Remember the DA sander should come with appropriate eye and nose protection to ensure that you are safe from any dust that may escape the storage mechanism of the sander. One should also ensure that the sanding discs are well fitted and firm before sanding for great performance.

Less Noisy

Noise while sanding can prove to be both distracting and annoying as it does not provide a serene environment for sanding.

As a result, this should be a feature which should not be overlooked since we would prefer a quiet working place and sander than one with so much noise and causes discomfort while working.


No one wants to worry about carrying a load of a tool while working especially since while using a sander one uses the hands and a heavy tool may prove to be cumbersome and cause discomfort to the user. A light but firm sander is the best feature for a sander to ensure perfect sanding and great results.

Other Considerations

  • Consider the cord length
  • Check the dust control mechanism
  • Look at the pad speed
  • Check the ease of change of the discs

Final Verdict

The sanding experience by many has gone through many challenges from the different and many sanders that are in the market, but this best  DA sander review will change how you choose your sander and will help you get the best for personal use.

It doesn't matter what type of work that you do, having the right power tools in your garage or home workshop tool box is important. You might need simple DIY projects at home that require the use of a Dual Action sander.The sanders covered above will suit all types of users in performing different tasks that require smoothening before the finishing is done.

Having any of the above power tools allows you to do your work pretty fast especially if you are smoothening framing for doors and windows in a large construction project. Make your work easier by purchasing any tool that suits your needs well. We have selected sanders with varying prices so that buyers can buy a product that best suits their budget requirements.

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