The 5 Best Bottle Jack – Short, Tall Jack Reviews 2020

Bottle jacks are amazingly versatile lifting gear capable of lifting anything from your car to your house. Surprisingly cheap, the principle of the smallest to the largest works just the same.

Best bottle jacks have three parts which make sense when put together. The two part handle has a double function which lifts and lowers the jack. Once you start pumping a manual jack, you’ll be amazed how simple and effective it is. 

Our Picks Of 5 Best Bottle Jack 2020 Reviews

1. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 6 Ton Capacity

This basic, hand pumped bottle jack from Torin is a great example of the benefits of this type of lifting gear. For an extremely reasonable price, you get a great looking, rock solid bright red jack which will let you lift six tons by hand.

While you will need more than 9.1 inches of clearance to fit the jack under, once you start pumping you’ll be amazed how quickly it starts lifting. The heavy cast metal base is 5.5 by 4.8 inches, giving extra confidence for heavy lifts.

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 6 Ton Capacity

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The saddle at the top of the ram which comes out of the bottle and does the lifting has a scored, chunky top face which will provide great hold on materials from the metal on the underside of your RV to the edge of your trailer or caravan.

2. Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

One of the more expensive hand use bottle jacks, this All trade product has more features than the basic bottle designs.

It has a large, flat steel base which houses the bottle and a side stand which is designed to give stability under a specially designed saddle. While capable of lift three tons, the stand feature means that the jack requires clearance of more than 12.25” from the ground.

Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

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Designed to lift framing for housing work as well as off road vehicles, the Powerbuilt is advertised for use in construction jobs. As the bottle and the stand both sit on the base next to each other, and the stand is taller than the bottle, the ram bends over towards the middle when extended.

3. Maasdam MPL2B Bottle Jack Standard, 2 Ton, Green

A back to basics bottle jack, this great value lifter from Maasdam is as solid as a row of house. Coming in a deep green finish, its cast iron base is easily enough to stub your toe on. Its chunky pumping gear also gives great power to your elbow.

This jack, like all such models, is a compromise between ground clearance and lifting ability. Here, we have a lifting range of 7-1/8” to 13-9/16″ and a two ton lifting capacity. As they say, you do the math.

Maasdam MPL2B Bottle Jack Standard, 2 Ton, Green

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The release valve is a chunky lozenge shape which gives a great feel when attaching the handle, both before lifting and when releasing the ram. This is very reassuring and much more sturdy than most. This might be the best bottle jack for truck.

4. Pro-Lift B-012D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Another lesson in the art of compromise when talking of bottle jacks, this offering from Pro Lift is a tilt at the job from China.

It looks slightly different to basic bottle jacks, although that is exactly what it is. Its grey color makes it look slightly medical, and it has a handle on the side of the bottle itself which also sets it apart from other basic bottle jack models.

Pro-Lift B-012D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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Back to the basic compromise; this jack has a rather high clearance, but a massive lifting capacity. While slightly more expensive than other basic models, it still has the sturdy, heavy base and the serrated saddle of other bottle jacks. An excellent attempt at crashing the market, the relatively high clearance and short handle are its only possible drawbacks.

5. Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

For anyone not convinced about the power of the model, here is the bottle jack of all bottle jacks. A bright red monster from Torin, this jack costs a lot of money but looks like it could lift the Empire State Building.

While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, the jack can lift a whopping 20 tons. Needless to say, you’d need some muscles to achieve that kind of lift; so, this lifter comes with a pneumatic power attachment. All on the same, heavy cast base.

Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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Comfortingly, the jack has a safety valve which will not allow it to try to lift any more than its maximum load. Not surprisingly, this jack is made for industrial use. And made very well.

How to choose the Perfect Bottle Jacks

Although bottle jacks can be capable of lifting framing for houses and other construction jobs, the fact is that, like other types of jack, most people who have one use it for their vehicles. This is, understandably, where bottle jacks get compared to other models, usually unfavorably. People say that a bottle jack just wouldn’t fit under their car, so why buy one?

This might well be the case, but many people don’t actually give bottle jacks the benefit of the doubt. If they did, they might well be surprised. Especially with the widespread use of SUVs, clearances today are generally higher than they used to be.

That said, here are some things to look for when buying a bottle jack:


Just to reinforce the point, the first thing you need to do if you’re thinking of having a bottle jack for the car is to check the clearance. Bear in mind that bottle jacks might not need as much as you think. Unless you drive a sports car, you probably have about nine inches of clearance, which could well be enough for a bottle jack.

This is worth hammering home because bottles really are great value and surprisingly powerful.

So powerful that you also need to check where to place the jack before lifting. There will be a triangular arrow at the edge of your vehicle to show the safe place for a jack to take the weight. Bottle jacks, as we have seen, usually have substantial, serrated saddles which will spread their power as long as they are correctly placed.


Although quite hard to believe at first, a small bottle jack can lift enough of your car for you to change a wheel quite easily. Whatever weight your vehicle is in total, remember only a fraction of this actually applies for jobs like this.

The payoff of an SUV having a fair amount of ground clearance is that it may well be quite heavy; but the more clearance, the more powerful the bottle jack that will fit underneath.

If the surface is flat enough, you can always use wood planking, or any other strong, flat material you have to hand, to put under the base of the jack. It may also be possible to use the jack with solid, non-moving parts of your car’s chassis to place the jack, depending on circumstances.


As we have seen, most bottle jacks are made to be hand operated. That being the case, there are features like the release valve, handles and saddle which differ slightly between models.

Because the handle comes in two parts, it can be quite deceptive. Check the actual dimensions before buying; it could be that, when assembled, the two parts together do not provide quite as much leverage as you would like.

Of course, there is also the option of the pneumatic jack if you are in the market for really big lifting jobs. This type of bottle jack, while perfectly capable, should still be checked very carefully for safety features.

Bigger models can be used with pneumatic power in a similar way to jack hammers. Once in place, the bottle jack’s sturdy design comes into its own and gives you confidence it can cope with anything. While you need to have a certain amount of clearance to use one, the smallest models will fit under most vehicles.

Final Note

We hope we have given you some food for thought about what type of jack you might want to buy. For whatever reasons, best bottle jacks are perhaps not considered seriously enough for many of the jobs they can easily take on.

This is a great shame because they represent excellent value for money, are simple to use and easy to stow. Especially with the variety of sizes on the market, a bottle jack can be used as a spare if nothing else. On the other hand, you may never use any other sort once you’ve tried one.

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