Best Band Saw Under $200, $300, $500, $1000 – Reviews 2020

A lot of the time we need tools but do not have an unlimited budget to spend on those tools. That is why several readers have asked us if there are quality band saws available for less than $200.

We looked at local stores, and online shops to see what we could find available. We took the list of the items to local carpenters and craftsmen and asked them if they would try them to see how they performed.

Our woodworking specialist chose the following products and told us they were the best band saw under $200.

Best Band Saw Under $200 Reviews 2020

1. WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work Light

This is a great band saw that has a 3.5 amp motor providing it power. With that powerful motor it allows the device to make cuts that are as deep as six inches. It also allows the device to make cuts that are up to 9-3/4” wide.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand

This saw uses a 72 inch blade. The width of the blade can vary from a 1/8” to a ½” giving you more options. The saw has a work table that measures 14-1/8” x 12-1/2”. That provides a lot of material support for you. The work table also bevels up to a 450 angle for your convenience.

This is a versatile saw that can be used as a table top device and can also be used with the stand that comes with it as a free standing device. It operates at a cutting rate of 1520 feet per minute and 2620 feet per minute.

The saw comes with a stand, a work light, a guard fence, a miter gauge, a 3 in one dust port and a 3/8” blade.

2. SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

This saw provides you with the light you need to make precision cuts. It has an articulating LED work light that illuminates the cut line so you make straight and perfect cuts.

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

The saw has a 1-1/2” dust port that captures all of the saw dust and debris so your work area stays neat and clean. This is also a great safety feature because saw dust is highly flammable. Keeping the area clean reduces fire hazards.

The saw motor only has one speed, but it is capable of cutting a variety of materials from wood, to metals.

The saw has a rack and pinion table adjustment that makes changing angles of the table or changing the table height easy to make. You work under less physical strain and have fewer muscle aches when you keep your table height and angles adjusted to provide maximum support for your materials while you work.

3. Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate Band Saw

This saw gives you the power you need to cut through a large variety of materials that are different thicknesses. It also gives you ample material support and work area. The table of this saw is fashioned from cast iron so it is sturdy and dependable.

Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate Bandsaw

This device has all ball bearing construction so it is more durable than many of the saws on the market. The ball bearings also help the device to work quieter and work more smoothly. You even get blade guides that include the ball bearings. The saw has upper and lower blade guides that are supported by ball bearings.

The device comes with a rip fence to help you make straight and precise cuts. The rip fence can also protect you from materials jumping or being pinched by the blade. There is also a miter gauge to help you easily make mitered cuts that fit perfectly together.

This is a free standing saw that comes with a stand to support it. The stand is heavy duty and made of cast iron to withstand the pressure of materials being cut on the surface area. It does have wheels to help you move it. 

4. WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work Light

This is a power horse of a band saw. It has a 9.5 amp motor that allows it to be able to make impressive cuts that are up to 8.85 inches deep. It can also make cuts that are up to 13-3/8 inches wide.

WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand

The saw blade for this unit measures 100 -3/4” and can be 1/8” to 1” in width. The saw has two operating speeds. You can choose between 1480 feet per minute or 3280 feet per minute. This versatility allows you to work faster but still get precision cuts.

The table on this free standing band saw measures an enormous 21 -1/2” x 15 -3/4”. It gives you almost twice as much material support and working space as the average free standing band saw. The table bevels up to a 450 angle to make it easier for you to create certain cuts.

With the saw you will get a flexible work light that you can position to enhance your cutting line visibility, a three in one dust port that will capture the dust and debris and help keep your work area cleaner and safer, a rip fence to help you make straight cuts, a 1.2” blade, a miter gauge, a blade tension gauge, and a handy circle cutting guide.

5. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band Saw Kit

This is a cordless band saw with a powerful motor. The motor of this saw allows it to cut ¾” EMT in as little as three seconds. You can make up to 150 cuts on a single battery charge. This saw has a built in LED light to highlight and illuminate the cut line. The blade length on this saw is 27” x ½” x 0.20”.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit

This device meets or exceeds all of the regulations imposed by OSHA concerning this type of tool. You can use this item with just one hand.

This is a very compact tool that measures 11” and it is the lightest of the portable cordless band saws weighing only 12.4 pounds. You will not experience undo fatigue from operating this device.

It is a 12 volt tool that has blade tension adjustment and adjustable blade tracking. The saw comes with a carrying case, an 18 TPI band saw blade, the sub-compact saw, an XC high capacity red Lithium battery and the appropriate charger for that battery maintenance.

6. Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw, Tool Only

This is a cordless band saw that gives you portability, precise cuts, and accuracy. It has a 4-3/4”cutting capacity. It uses a 44-7/8” blade and can be used on a variety of metal materials, wooden materials and plastic items. It has a cutting speed of between 275 feet per minute and 530 feet per minute.

Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw

This device has an alert light built in that will warn you if there is an over torque issue happening. This alert light can protect your motor and increase the life expectancy of your saw.

The saw has an additional safety feature of a trigger switch that has lock off features designed into it. In order to power the saw on two actions will have to be performed. This prevents accidental powering of the saw.

It has a variable speed control dial that is located within easy reach so you can adjust the speed without putting the saw down. This variable speed dial allows you to match the speed of the cut according to the materials and the thickness of the materials you are cutting.

7. Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Tool

This is a band saw that is cordless but has the power to cut through heavy walled pipe with ease. It is the perfect tool to carry with you because you do not need to drag along power cords that can get tangled and in the way.

Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Tool

You can reduce the man hours you put in on a job and provide yourself with a tool that makes your work easier to do. In this package you will receive the M18 fuel deep cut band saw but there are no included accessories. You will need 2 lithium ion batteries to operate this device.

The saw measures 21.21” x 12.58” x 12.66” and weighs roughly 13.64 pounds. It is made from high carbon steel and is an 18 volt device.

This is an affordable saw that is durable, dependable, reliable, and made by Milwaukee so it is also trustable.

8. RIKON 10 In. Deluxe Band Saw 1/2 HP

This is a free standing band saw. It has a ½ horse power moter that is rated at 5.5 amps. It is powered by the common 110 volt electrical circuitry that is found in most homes and businesses.

RIKON 10 In. Deluxe Bandsaw

The blade width on this saw can be anywhere from 1/8” to ½” but the length remains 70-1/2”. It has a cutting height of 5” and a cutting width of 9 5/8”. The blade guides on this saw are tool-less. It also has a quick tension release lever so you can release tension on the blade if it were to get in a bind.

It comes with a 5/16” wide 6TPI blade. It has a large blade tracking knob and a safety paddle on And off switch for your safety. It also has a vacuum hookup so you can clean away any sawdust or dust particles that might catch around your motor.

Buying Guide

If you are in the market for an economical band saw that cost less than 200 dollars there are a few things you should consider. You want to make sure that you are not sacrificing safety or quality. Just because you are buying a lower priced product does not mean that you should not get an item that is reliable, durable, and capable of doing what you need to do.

Consider the following things and compare the saws you like the most. You time that you invest will pay off by providing you with a tool that is right for you.

Corded or Not

If you do the majority of your work in one location, say your garage, then you do not have to have a band saw that is cordless. You can have a saw that is freestanding on provided stands, or you can use a saw that you simply set on a bench or tabletop to use. You can even find free standing saws that can be used both ways.

If you work outside of your garage, or go to different locations to work then you will want to consider a cordless band saw. These new technology devices are powerful and can do the job of most corded versions. Their only real drawback is your work time is limited to how long the battery stays hot and ready. If you do buy cordless consider buying an extra battery so you always have power when you need it.

  • Corded band saws come with work areas to support your materials and cordless saws do not have that.
  • Corded saws come with rip fences and guides that can keep your cuts straighter
  • Cordless saws do not come with lights to illuminate the area where you are working
  • Corded saws have dust catchers and cordless saws do not.

The ultimate choice between corded and cordless saws lies in what kind of work you will be doing with the item and will you need to transport or move the item often.

Is it Lighted or Not

Some band saws come with a work light to help you light your area, but some of the saws come with built in LED lights that illuminate the work space on the saw.

The work light is a handy tool, but the extra light positioned exactly where you need it on the cutting area is also very handy. This is a personal choice feature.

Common Features

There are some features that are pretty much standard on the saws. On free standing or table top saws these common features include:

  • A dust port that catches the saw dust and helps to keep the work area clean
  • A rip fence that insures that the material is placed through the saw straight and the cut that you make is straight and accurate
  • Table adjustments that allow you to change the angle of the work surface or make an adjustment to the height of the appliance

Common features of cordless band saws include:

  • Battery and charger included
  • Possible extra blade with the saw
  • Lightweight design

Final Thought

If you are looking for a band saw that cost less than $200 but can be used as either a tabletop appliance or a freestanding device then we suggest the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work Light, 10". This is a quality piece of equipment that is both durable and reliable. It also has dual cutting speeds and other features that increase its versatility.

If you are looking for a cordless band saw that is portable, easy to use, and under $200 we suggest the Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band Saw Kit. This is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to operate your cordless saw. It is a durable tool from a great manufacturer.

The best band saw under $200 does not have to be a low-grade piece of equipment. The saws in this article prove that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get high=quality and dependability.

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