The 6 Best Aviation Snips Reviews 2020 – Sheet Metal & Aluminum Snip

If you are looking for the best aviation snip to suit your specific metal fabricating needs, my informative review could be the best place to start. Whatever metal you work with, there is a diverse selection of snips on offer at excellent value-for-money prices. 

From aluminum and steel to other materials that need shears, if you are working with sheet metals of any type, a decent pair of snips is going to be an indispensable addition to your toolkit. Whether you are a keen hobbyist or a seasoned metal fabrication expert, read on to discover what may be the ideal pair of snips for you.

6 Best Aviation Snip 2020 Reviewed

1. Stanley FatMax 14-563 9-7/8-Inch Straight Cut Aviation Snip

Unless you have been living the life of Grizzly Adams, you will be familiar with Stanley tools. The name is synonymous with quality and reliability and the Fatmax 14-563 aviation snips are no exception.

The cleverly designed serrated edges of the cutting blades provide a firm non-slip grip on the material being cut. Well-designed grip handles also ensure a positive, firm, and comfortable grip, making these snips easy to use on those longer cutting jobs.

Stanley FatMax 14-563 9-7/8-Inch Straight Cut Aviation Snip

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Thanks to the high leverage design of the Stanly Fatmax, they are able to deal with steel right up to 18-gauge. You just know that you are dealing with a quality tool when you discover that these well-made snips come with limited lifetime warranty. Then again, it should come as no surprise with a tool that bears the Stanley name.

2. MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set - Left and Right Cut Offset Tin Cutting Shears with Forged Blade

The Midwest snip set offers a pair of left and right precision cutting shears for easy cutting no matter what side of the material you are working. Midwest’s Kush’n-Power comfort grips also make these snips a pleasure to work with.

Using the latest innovative design, these snips provide pinch-through –point cutting that cuts right up to the tips of the shears. If you are in the habit of cutting lots of metal, this feature alone will make a world off a difference providing fewer and shorter cutting strokes.

MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set - Left and Right Cut Offset Tin Cutting Shears with Forged Blade

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Drop-forged blades made from molybdenum steel alloy that is heat treated give this tool its superior cutting power and precision cut. With a cutting capacity of 18/22 and a 1-1/4 cut length, these snips are a good choice for anyone fabricating metals on a regular basis. This is the best aviation snip on the market.

3. DEWALT DWHT70278 Aviation Snip Set 3pack

The Dewalt DWHT70278 snips set is also manufactured by Stanley. With this set, you get a left, right, and straight angled snip for every metalworking application.

The flush design makes these snips easy to take in and out of the pouch and that is a real plus if you are working away from the bench or in a remote site. An easy release internal locking device keeps cutting positive and also makes for improved cutting safety.


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If you are looking for a best aviation snips for the money that is likely to provide a long and productive cutting life, the Dewalt DWHT70278 is exactly what you have been looking for. They look and feel like a real professional tool and when you start using them, they won’t disappoint you.

4. LENOX Tools Snips, Aviation, Bulldog (22105105)

If you have been searching for a high quality and professional standard pair of aviation snips, your search is over. The Lenox range of tools simply oozes quality from the way that they handle through to the high standard of finish.

Valve-quality wire springs in reinforced chrome and precision formed cutting blades give these snips a lifetime of service in even the harshest of workshop environments. 

LENOX Tools Snips, Aviation, Bulldog (22105105)

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The Lenox Tools snips have been designed with cutting thicker metals in mind and the over-molded handles provide a firm positive grip.

Even if fabricating metals is only a small or occasional part of your work activities, these snips are the perfect addition to your toolkit. Color coding to the handles and blades makes them easy to identify and find in even the busiest tool chests or work areas.

5. Bessey D15-SET Compact Aviation Snip (3 Piece)

Bessey provides a full 3 piece snips set at a value-for-money price and that makes them a great choice for the hobbyist and professional alike. These compact snips provide a level of performance that belies their modest size.

Smaller than most other snips, they are ideal for working in tight spaces and the nylon storage pouch facilitates remote working plus tidy storage when they are not in use. Color coded for left, right, and straight, each set of snips has a different colored grip.

Bessey D15-SET Compact Aviation Snip (3 Piece)

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With cutting jaws that have been hardened to 62 HRC, you can be confident of a precision cut and long tool life. They will handle stainless steel up to 22-gauge and the nickel plated handles benefit from a locking catch of the heavy duty variety.

6. Wiss M3R MetalMaster 1-3/8-Inch Cut Capacity 9 3/4-Inch Straight, Left, and Right Cut Compound Action Snip

The straight cut Wiss MetalMaster snips have been specifically designed for straight cutting and left/right cuts. Such functions make them a popular choice among those working within the metal fabrication industry that requires specialized tools of one kind or another.

The innovative design of these snips provides a compound pressure from the levers that allows cutting of carbon steel up to a thickness of 18-gauge. This cutting power is comfortably controlled by the superior grips.

Wiss M3R MetalMaster

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Blades that have been manufactured in wear-resistant molybdenum steel, handle the pressure and provide accurate cutting time after time through multiple cuts. If you need to work with sheet metals, you need to take a good long look at the Wiss MR3 MetalMaster aviation snips.

Quick Tips On Picking the Perfect aviation snips

Whether you work with metals for a living or you spend time renovating or repairing automobiles and machinery of your own, you are going to need at least one pair of snips. Choosing the best tool for your specific needs is certain to involve doing some careful research and comparisons. From the type of snips you prefer or need, to how often you intend to use them, are all important points to consider. 

The type of work

It goes almost without mention that there is a huge difference between cutting the odd piece of metal and fabricating items from metal. While someone who works with sheet metals for a living may need a variety of different snips, someone renovating a classic car in the garage at home may be able to get away with one multi-purpose set of snips.

There are plenty of other uses for snips and they cut a variety of materials, so that too is likely to be a deciding factor.

The metals that you will be cutting

While the hobbyists and the DIY metal worker may just about get away with a ‘one size fits all” solution, different metals will need different types of snips if the work is to be done in a productive fashion.

Where cost is factored into the equation, ease and speed of cutting different metals can be a crucial factor. Quality and speed need to go hand in hand and that calls for using the right tool for each and every job.

The type of cut

An old style pair of metal cutting shears may well get the job done whether you need to cut left, right, or center, but accuracy can suffer needlessly.

Using the right tools such as 3 piece aviation snip set is likely to provide a more precise cut, especially where intricate shaping and fabrication is involved. Having the tools that you need and are familiar with close at hand will ultimately facilitate better cuts, and subsequently, parts that fit together with ease.


It makes little difference whether you are using snips on a regular basis or every working day, quality and value-for-money are sure to pay dividends in the long haul. A skilled metalworker or fabricator will know that you only need to buy good tools once.

While there may be some temptingly cheaper options on the market, quality will always win in the end. Finding the balance between cost and quality will make all the difference when it comes to finding tools that you are able to rely on. 

Personal preferences

After taking into account most if not all of the above pointers, for buyers of aviation snips, it is likely to come down to making a personal choice. While one professional may prefer to make use of a favorite pair that they feel comfortable with, another may lean towards using a range of tools for different purposes. Whatever your personal preferences may be, there will always be plenty of options to suit both your needs and more importantly your established working style.   

How to use aviation snips

Anyone who needs to fabricate, renovate, or repair, using sheet metal, is more than likely to need to use some type of aviation snips. From choosing the best snips for the job and using them in the right way to looking after such tools and using them safely, there is far more to it than just cutting sheet metals.

Safety first

It almost goes without mention that working with sheet metal brings a unique set of challenges and potential risks. Apart from the hazards of unfinished and sharp-edged metals, there are issues relating to flying particles and the use of the metal cutting/shaping tools themselves. Even if it is going to be one of those quick “one-off” metal cutting jobs that are only likely to take a few minutes, you should still take stock of the potential risks.

Protective workwear

Protective jacket, gloves and safety goggles or a mask should be a part of any metal fabricators equipment no matter how infrequently they work with the material. Taking stock of who is in close proximity and being aware of how the work may affect them is also an essential before commencing any metal cutting work.

Choosing the right aviation snips for the task

Any metal fabrication or cutting job is going to be easier to complete if you use the right snips for the specific type of cut. Cutting metal to the right is obviously not going to be too easy if you use the oppositely handed snips. Specialist cuts and intricate work call for using a selection of snips and doing so is more likely to lead to a better-finished job.

Making the right cut

Checking that any waste metal is left on the right side of the cut will ensure that there is enough material left to “trim down” to a quality finish. This is achieved by always cutting well to the side of the marked areas.

Having too much material left after the cut is obviously desirable to creating a deficit which would then render the fabrication useless. Complex cutting can be achieved through making a series of small cuts at right angles to the main cut which will remove the surplus material and allow room for the snips to work.

Practice really does make perfect

For novice metal workers who have limited experience, a few practice cuts on some pieces of waste materials can be a useful way to get a feel for the different snips and how they cut. The bottom line is that the more metal work you carry out, the more likely you are to achieve the cutting standards that you can be proud of.

Final Note

Choosing the right tools for any job is going to be a lot easier if you already have some experience in the field of work that you are going to be using them for. 

Whether you fall into that category or you are brand new to metalworking, I trust that at least some of the pointers expounded in my best aviation snips reviews might prove useful to you. Having taken some of the pointers in the reviews into account, all that remains is for you to make your better-informed choice and get started on your latest metal working or sheet steel fabrication project.

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