Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners In 2020

I’m an automotive enthusiast and a great believer in saving money through DIY projects. Now, because a professional automotive paint job can cost $1,316 on average. [Ref: CostHelper Cars]

By doing this, I not only saved money but I also got to choose how the end results would be like. While it may seem like a huge job to undertake, it really isn’t. All you need are the right tools in your garage to successfully pull it off, thus making your DIY paint job look like a pro.

I have done my car’s paint job myself after I found automotive paint guns which are really handy tools for beginners. But, believe me, finding the best automotive paint guns are not an easy task at all. You need to read online reviews ( who do you trust! ), need to compare with several models ( do you think, you have this expertise? ) and so many related tasks involved here to finding the right tool for your use. 

Here, I am going to ease your efforts and time. No need to spend much time to pick the desired one. I did all of the above and spent almost 4-5 days to built this cool list. 



W. P.





10 PSI


2.4 Lbs

6 x 5 x 9 Inches

44 to 58 PSI

4.2 to 6.0

1.8 Lbs

6 x 4.5 x 11 Inches

29 to 50 PSI

3.5 to 7.1

6.55 Lbs

17 x 14 x 5 Inches

50 to 60 PSI

7 to 12

2 Lbs

12 x 7.2 x 4.2 Inches

Do it Yourself with Paint Gun

You can paint the interior and exterior of your car quickly and easily with one of these airless paint sprayers. Simply follow the instructions fully, and you should have no problems.

Save money doing the jobs yourself, and save time over using a paint brush and/or paint roller.

You can do it with one of these great HVLP sprayers. Choose the one that will work best for you from the fabulous selections below!

6 Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginner 2020

1. Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun

The Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun has three spray patterns: horizontal, vertical and circular. It also has nozzle sizes that you can adjust to perfect suit your needs. The valve knots are fully adjustable, giving you control over the flow rate of the paint to ensure even coating.

There’s a 5.9 Ft powerline that lets you cover a larger working area. It has a spray distance of 20-30 cm with a 900ml high capacity container. The best part is, it can be easily disassembled for convenient cleaning.

Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun 800ml/min Paint Sprayer with Three Spray Patterns

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With all the features mentioned above, there is no question why the Tacklife spray gun is one of the favorite spray paint guns to me.

2. SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup

The SPRAYIT spray gun comes with an aluminum swivel cup that will make it possible to rotate the paint gun so you can spray areas that are not easily reachable. It also has a stainless steel nozzle and fluid needle that are both resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Since it is mostly made out of aluminum, it is very lightweight. It has a 5.5 to 7.5-inch separate fluid fan pattern and air controls that you can adjust for a more precise and economical paint job.

SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup

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This spray paint gun can be used not only for automotive paint jobs, but it can also be used on a variety of other surfaces, making it an all-around spray paint gun for your home.

3. TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set 

The TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun comes as a set of 3 spray guns, each with a cup and fluid tips measuring 1.0 mm, 1.4 mm, and 1.8mm respectively. It also has an air regulator and a maintenance kit. This automotive paint gun is great for all auto painting jobs. 

It boasts premium features of a high-performance HVLP spray gun. This spray paint gun has a fully atomized spray pattern that is sure to give your car a paint job like it was made by a professional mechanic.

TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set - 3 Sprayguns with Cups

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The TCP Global Brand Gun by far is probably the best HVLP spray gun for the money.

4. Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

The Neiko Gravity Feed Spray Gun is one heavy duty and durable automotive paint gun because of its steel gun body, stainless steel nozzle, and solid brass cap. It comes with a metal-air gauge and a regulator to regulate air pressure.

It also features an air inlet valve to let you adjust the pressure in your spray paint gun, along with an easy spray pattern control. Simply tighten the spray pattern control valve for a round spray pattern or loosen it to get a flat spray pattern.

Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

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The Neiko Gravity Feed Spray Gun also features a fluid control valve that lets you control the amount of paint you release each time you pull the trigger.

5. DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

The DeVilbiss spray gun is sold as a kit with two gravity feed paint spray guns, a set of gun-cleaning brushes, a maintenance wrench, and an air regulator with a gauge.

This automotive paint gun comes with a 1.3mm fluid tip plus a 600cc aluminum cup for atomizing base and clear coats along with other coatings with light viscosity.

DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

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The spray gun is very lightweight and cleaning it after use is also simple and easy. It might not be the most powerful, but it is definitely a contender for being one of the best spray paint guns on the market.

6. Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle

The Astro 4008 Spray Gun is a versatile automotive paint gun that can cover almost any surface, from automotive surfaces to any other surfaces at home. This paint gun features a large adjustable fan with an amazing atomization capability that can cover up to 11" fan size from an 8" distance.

It also features an anti-spill air feed line system that allows you to hold your gun at any angle without spilling the paint from its cup and still maintain the ideal suction. Its cup can accommodate up to one quart of paint spray.

Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle

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Its 1.8mm nozzle size gives you a huge area coverage, thus optimizing your work productivity while making sure that no paint is wasted. If you are a DIY guy then it's perfect for you because this is the best one for truck bed liner spray gun.

How to Choose The Spray Paint Guns for Beginners

To achieve that professional finish in your automobile paint job you need to choose your paint gun wisely. Always consider the following when looking for the paint gun to buy:

  • Choose an HVLP gun with high TE - the paint guns to use on automotive are high-volume low-pressure or HVLP guns. When coupled with high transfer efficiency or TE, you can assure precision without any wasted paint. 
  • Choose the Right Nozzle Size - the sizes for the nozzle holes will depend largely on the type of paint that you plan to use. If you use a heavy paint, you will need a nozzle with a larger hole. Since you might be using more than one type of paint, then it goes to say that it is a good to buy a paint gun that comes in a set.
  • Gravity or Siphon Feed - there are two kinds of feeds available: Gravity and Siphon. The gravity feed comes highly recommended as it uses less air pressure but delivers the same amount of paint as the siphon feed paint gun. Gravity feed paint guns also come in clear or semi-transparent paint canisters to let you see how much paint you still have. However, siphon paint guns come cheaper and you can put them down anywhere. Generally, siphon types also have a larger paint canister.
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    Choosing Air Compressors - the compressor that you pick must be able to produce a volume at a consistent pressure while you are using the gun. It must produce at least 1.5 times the cfm that the gun requires at a given pressure.
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    Choose Portability - when you look at the paint guns in the market, make it a point to consider if it is portable. Think of all the projects that you intend to use the paint gun for. It would be a plus if the paint gun you buy is outfitted for you or comes with a backpack to easily carry it anywhere.
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    Choose Flexibility - you will need to adjust your paint gun as you paint. Due to this, it would be better to look for a paint gun that offers varied settings for speed, paint thickness, and spray patterns. It would also be great if the paint gun’s canister you bought can accommodate various paints and coats.
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    Choose Power -  you need to take note of the power source that the paint gun you buy has as they come with different power sources. Depending on your preferences, there are those that you can control by hand.
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    Look for an Easy Cleanup - read through each product description and take into account the cleanup process for each of the paint guns as this can be a taxing job, especially when the paint gun does not easily get detached. 
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    Paying More, Save More - when you look at the market, there will be paint guns available at super low prices, and it might be tempting to purchase them. Make sure you don’t settle for cheap paint guns as they won’t be able to provide you the output you need. Fortunately, there are quality paint guns that come at affordable prices in the market.

How to Paint Your Car with Paint Gun​​​​

Like any project, the first step you need is to make a plan on how to execute your project. Gather all the materials, safety gears, and tools that you need. At this part, you will need to envision exactly how you want the outcome of your paint job.

Practice using your paint gun and familiarize yourself with its controls. Do not practice on your car though. Use some junk sheets of plastics, flat wood, or metal sheet. Try to spray the paint in all directions, and when you are confident then you can start painting your car. 

You can now start sanding your car, or you could also alternate sanding your car and practicing using your paint gun. Keep in mind that sanding your car will take a lot of time to finish, especially if you want a smooth and even finish. So by the time you are done sanding your car smoothly, you would also be more or less used to applying paint using your paint gun.

Cover the areas you do not want to get paint on. Use paper or plastic and a masking tape to do this. In my experience, newspapers leave prints or let the paint bleed through, leaving you a nasty mess to clean up. 

Apply a primer first before the final paint. Follow the directions on the primer can instructions. Use the exact ratio of thinner for the primer as instructed, as the ratio usually varies depending on the type of paint you use.

Make sure that you apply the primer evenly. Do not aim at one area too long, and make sure that you keep your pace. Spray your paint 6 inches from the panel. Apply your paint through a sweeping motion from side to side. Apply your primer in thin coats. It will take you two to three coats to cover all the surfaces. 

Each coat will take about 10 minutes per panel or so, depending on your speed, and about 20 minutes up to an hour for the primer to cure. When finished, lightly sand the surface down then wipe all the surfaces with a thinner through a dampened rag. Make sure that you do not overdo the thinner or it might strip off the primer.

Now, unless you have a set of paint guns, you will need to clean out the primer from the paint gun first before you fill it in with the paint of your choice. Follow the exact ratio found on the paint can for the thinner and paint. Apply just like the primer. 

Finish it off with a clear-coat lacquer and remove the masking tape, being very careful not to touch the paint. If there are areas that seem imperfect, then simply sand them down and apply paint over.

Best Auto Paint Gun For Beginners - Maintenance Tips

Whether you run a car body repair or a mobile car body repair service the maintenance of your paint equipment is paramount. So many problems that can occur during the re-spray of a part can be avoided if due care and attention are paid to the upkeep of the equipment used. 

From the air hoses, air pressure, paint and lacquer guns to the mixing pots and paint strainers all need to be at their best in order for the repainting to go without any problems.

Pain Gun Maintenance

To keep the spray guns at their optimum level requires constant cleaning, before and after you have used them for spraying. This involves using cleaning solutions like a gun wash to run through all its parts, also the holes which sit at the nozzle and either side need to be kept clean, the easiest way to do this is to buy a needle to push through the holes removing any caught up debris.

The need for this amount of cleaning is that if paints or lacquers remain in the gun from the previous job they can start to go hard and block the gun so when trying to spray the gun can splutter or spit which will ruin the spray job.

Also not cleaning the paint gun properly can result in a paint changing color depending on the paint which was previously in the gun, you don't want to spray a Bumper Scratch or Bumper Scuff the wrong color.

Maintaining Air Hose and Air Pressure

The air hose is vital for it contains the flow of air that is required by the spray gun for painting. To maintain the air hose just be sure there are no leaks in the airline and all fixings are soundly connected at both ends of the hose.

Air pressure for the line is determined by the paint and lacquer that you use and the spray gun that is required to paint with. Just check the manufactures guide for correct air pressure that the paint, lacquer and the spray gun require for optimal output.

Pots and Strainers Maintenance

Mixing pots

Mixing pots are vital to keeping clean. It always good to use disposable mixing pots when possible, which will reduce the amount of cleaning that is required. Trying to re-clean an already used pot is both time-consuming and costly.

Paint Strainers

Disposable paint strainers are the perfect to use and totally eradicate the need for cleaning.

History of HVLP Spray Guns

Over 50 years ago, vacuum cleaners, such as Kirby or Electrolux brands, usually came with several accessories. One of those accessories was often a small plastic spray gun with an attached jar for paint and a hose that could be attached to the vacuum 'blower'.

As long as the paint was thinned appropriately, it worked like a charm, and simple HVLP was born, proving that high pressure was unnecessary to spray paint.

Low pressure was just as effective PLUS the lower velocity of the air resulted in less over-spray which resulted in less wasted paint.

The first manufacturers of professional HVLP spray guns were Sicmo (Monaco) and Apollo (England).

Final Note

Hopefully, with this list of the automotive paint guns plus the tips and guide on how to do a DIY paint job on your own automobile, you will also be inspired to try your hand on doing this project in your home. 

The trick here is to practice, because like a lot of automotive enthusiasts who have done their own paint jobs, you will be in awe of how rewarding it can be to be able to successfully pull this off.

Thanks for reading. Your feedback would be most welcome!

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