Basen 4-Slots Intelligent Universal Battery Charger for 3.7V IMR

The Basen BO4 universal charger is a smart charger which not only has 4 independent channels for charging various Lithium batteries at once, but also manufactured to possess temperature adjustment tasks, enabling users to select various current modes for charging their batteries to avoid issue of slow or fast charge.

With the charger being able to show the status of each particular rechargeable battery during charging.

This charger comes with a special circuit for charge and discharge handling, which can effectively avert short, reverse circuit, over-discharge, overcharge and over-current damage to batteries being charged because it possesses multiple safety protection settings.

Having compatibility properties so broad and equally strong, the charger is able to charge various types of cylindrical lithium batteries of DC 3.7V. For more, you may read this in-depth post about 18650 battery charger reviews as well.

Features of 4-Slots Intelligent Universal Battery Charger for Li-ion batteries

Before we proceed I’d like to briefly talk about some necessary features of this smart universal charger which I believe every user would like to know about in order to ascertain if this particular product suits their required needs of battery charging.

Capacity to charge at different voltages: With this charger a user can conveniently charge their batteries slowly at 0.5A or increase it to 1Amps or better still at a fast rate of 2Amps depending on your choice of speed, which some users believe helps extend their battery life.

Ability to charge up to 4 batteries at once: The product can basically charge up to 4 Lithium batteries independently thus reducing the unnecessary stress and cost of having many universal chargers all at once.

Protection settings for battery overcharge: This universal charger has been produced to be smart enough to automatically stop and prevent further charging of battery when it detects that the battery is full, which I think is a great feature to appreciate

Compatible with a wide range of Lithium battery: Its ability of being able to support and charge different types of lithium battery like Li-ion 10440, 14650, 14500, 17670, 16340, 18500, 18650, 18700, 22650, 20700, 21700, 22700, 25500, 26650, 26700 Batteries has made it a very useful charger that’s affordable for everybody.

Status display of battery: It can also conveniently display the current status of every particular battery attached to it, which most users find helpful and innovative.


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    Can be used to easily and conveniently test, charge, cycle and discharge salvaged Li-ion batteries. 
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    Sometimes tends to measure internal resistance of these batteries, which helps in knowing a battery with durable quality.
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    This particular intelligent smart charger is equipped with fast charging capabilities which is a major advantage of the charger and so many users are highly pleased with this property.
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    You can easily choose your desired charge speed ranging from 0.5Amps, 1Amps and 2Amps with just a button push
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    Charging more than 1 battery is one particular feature of this product which user can’t just resist.


Just like every quality product this particular product has some problems:

  • Difficulties trying to read battery percent or level especially for used batteries, in that whenever a battery is inserted, the meter instantly reads full.
  • Also it has been criticized by users for its inability to come without a wall plug, only a cord which has a USB end and at the other end a micro USB port.

Final Thought

The 4-Slots Intelligent Universal Battery Charger (for 8 bay you can check Miboxer) for Li-ion batteries can be summarized to have 4 battery simultaneous charging capabilities with independent monitoring and charging for each individual battery, improved charging strategy for IMR and batteries with small capacity, automatic ability to stop charging immediately battery gets full, with a lot of other special functions, thus making it a must have charger for the modern age.

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