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Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner

The oversized recliner has thick pillow armrests, microfiber upholstery with a soft touch and impressive design. The unique choice of stain-resistant cover from this manufacturer fits its complimentary style. Every part of this recliner armchair gives comfort; its foam cushions and extra-wide seats are fitted with high-quality materials. You can share the seat with a companion without inconveniences.

Hogan Oversized Recliner Mocha

However, the zero wall recliner offers comfort to your feet as it does to other body parts. The recliner weighs 129 lbs and measures 59 x 44 x 41 inches. Are you looking for a soft body couch that reclines? Search no further because this lounge chair has soft armrest at supports your desired comfort level.

More so, this piece of furniture allows users to sleep on it like a bed. More so, there's a metal reinforced seat and a reinforced frame underneath the fabric. The couch has exquisite detailing that compliments the overall comfort.

Features of the Zero Wall Oversized Recliner

Soft upholstery​

The supple polyester fabric feels snugly comfortable and tough against damage. The fabric material has been stitched properly and they hold up nicely this feature makes enhances the recliner's design. A firm cushioning design is attractive for any choice of a recliner. So, the overstuffed arms, seat and back cushions are supported with corner-blocked frame construction. More so, the microfiber upholstery of this strong armchair 

Zero-wall reclining​

The pull tab reclining motion button is easy to operate. This device makes the recliner responsive and works with a mechanism that has been proven to work efficiently. However, you should set the oversized recliner right against your living room wall.

Neutral color​

The recliner couch improves the style of your room's interior design. The product is covered with brilliant neutral colors that are easily noticed. At the bottom of the recliner is the strong Velcro material. 

Contemporary style​

Recliners are stylishly built to add beauty to your living space while offering the desired comfort. This product is not an exception because of its soft mocha beige appearance. It maintains a neutral tone of mocha beige fabric.

Large seats​

The clean-lined armchair measures 59 x 44 x 41 inches respectively. It's easy to assemble and dismantle with simple tools like the screwdriver. The extra-wide bucket seats can accommodate two people conveniently. There’s plenty of space to relax and enjoy the cozy feeling that comes with this double-arm recliner.

Sturdy construction​

The material strength that has been used to craft this couch is amazing. There’s an underlying metal reinforced seat and rigid corner-blocked frame that supports the supple upholstery. Unlike other recliners, this clean-lined armchair is durable and tough.

Exquisite finish​

The pillow top armrests are soft and therapeutic. They support the overall comfort of your arms and entire body. The exquisite finish is an amazing feature of the recliner. 


  • Zero wall mechanism
  • Pull tab button at the base of the couch
  • Extra-wide seats that accommodate two people conveniently
  • Microfiber upholstery


  • Perhaps the high-end design of this recliner makes it more expensive than rival products.

Final Verdict

The soft double-arm recliner offers better value for money than other rival products. It’s a durable and longer-lasting piece of furniture that gives comfort to feet, back and arms. There's a clean-lined divided back styling with overstuffed foam and a pull tab button that reclines the sofa. 

Ultimately, comfort is the feature that users of this recliner will enjoy more than its durability. The product comes with instructional manual and hardware for easy installation. It’s easy to clean and protect from dust.

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