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ARKSEN Harris Type, Gas Welding & Cutting Torch w/ Hose, Professional Set with Case

This is a comprehensive welding kit which is oxy-acetylene in nature. The Kit is ideal for handling key applications whether it is related to heating, cutting and welding.

There are several components which come along with this kit such as goggles, tip cleaners, welding and cutting torches, hoses and a striker which is packed in storage which is heavy duty molded.

This professional cutting torch is ideal for many cutting-edge tasks such as soldering, precision welding, hand facing, brazing, and cutting etc. The product has the ability to weld up to 1 / 2 " and cut up to 6".  The product is ideal for both seasonal professionals as well as Amateurs.

ARKSEN Harris Type, Gas Welding & Cutting Torch w/ Hose, Professional Set with Case

Features Of This ARKSEN GAS Welding & Cutting Torch

  1. The product is home to 3 welding nozzles which come in three different sizes i.e. No.0, No.4, and No.2.  All the nozzles contain a spiral mixer (individual) and a swaged tip. 
  2. The kit has Deluxe regulators (single stage) along with check valves which have a reverse flow, a torch handle made up of brass and a brass valve body for high durability and strength.  
  3. The product is equipped with torch attachment of steel and brass cutting. Similarly, the heating tip is also made up of copper and brass.
  4. The hose length of the product is 15 feet, the cutting capacity is 1/2", the welding capacity is 3/16", the oxygen regulator is CGA 540 and the Acetylene Regulator is CGA 540
  5. The package contents of the kit are: Torch Handle, Carrying Case, Oxygen Regulator Acetylene Regulator, Spanner, Cutting Attachment, Spark Lighter, Cutting Nozzle, Goggles and Tip Cleaner
  6. The overall weight of the product is 17 pounds. The color of this item is Silver and the exact dimensions are 2 x 15 x 5 inches.


  1. The cutting and welding tips are light and with small tanks, transportation becomes more simple and easy. 
  2. Due to its overall design and efficient operation, the product has been recommended by some welding professionals. 
  3. The brand association with the kit is great since ARKSEN is a reputable company in the US market. 
  4. The torch of the kit is highly efficient and perhaps this is the reason why the product has been preferred by many.
  5. The product working is great and is available in all the welding stores. The kit is ideal for big tanks. 
  6. The kit is ideal for home welders since the gauges are simply awesome. 
  7. The price of the kit is reasonable and affordable.


  1. Some people find the handle too big and heavy. Similarly, the adjusting screws are sticky, the screws on the regulator that is. These screws do not operate sometimes and can become a serious concern with the aging of diaphragms. 
  2. Sometimes replacement pertaining to hoses and gauges is required particularly if the operator is planning heavy usage. Well, this is something which one can expect from China tools.  The product is not conducive to industrial and commercial uses.

Final Note

This is a perfect welding and cutting kit. Like any other product, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are well versed in the art of welding then it does not matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, the product will serve as a great cutting and welding tool for you.

The product is easily available in the market and has a price tag attached to it which is reasonable. Do not waste time and make your welding tasks easier by getting your hands on this wonderful Welding kit. 

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