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AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale – Cooking Food Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display

This highly accurate pocket food scale has high precision (0.01g), adaptability and accommodation you require, regardless of whether your concentration is to consume fewer calories administration or culinary perfection. It can meet every one of your requests.

This digital scale can rapidly and precisely measure fixings, postage, medicine and more with a weight territory up to 500 grams. Compute either in g, oz, ct, tl, or gn and change over between units in a split second with a single press of a catch without having to re-gauge.

This advanced table-top scale incorporates piece checking capacity, which is unimaginably useful for chasing, gems, and cooking. It's straightforward innovation for perfect living.

To alter the sit out of gear time for the auto-off capacity.

1. At the point when the scale is off, press and hold M key, in the meantime, go ahead/OFF key for four times rapidly till number is shown, at that point discharge the catch.

2. To change auto-off time among 0/60/120/180 seconds: please squeeze M key, in the wake of picking, proceed/OFF key to affirm the setting. The 0 alternative deactivates the auto-off capacity.


  1. Piece checking: 25, 50, 65, 75, and 100
  2. Six units change: G, OZ, DWT, OZT, CT, and GN
  3. Color: Product (silver) Two spreads (straightforward)
  4. Weighing range: 500g/0.01g
  5. Package estimate: 735 mm *365 mm *19 mm
  6. Product measure: 127mm*106mm*19 mm L * W * H)
  7. Net weight: 21KG

Contents of the package:

  • 1 x Digital pocket scale
  • 2 x Platform cover
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

Thinks to Note

  1. Lo for Low voltage. Ensure you make a replacement for the batteries.
  2. O-Ld. for Overload. Avoid bulky items to protect your scale.

Features Of This Mini Pocket Jewelry Scale

Highly precise and with a wide range: Its construction is with the high exactness sensor framework, furnishes you with the direct and exact outcomes from 0.01g (0.001oz) to 500g. Simple to clean and utilize, making it a perfect tool to quantify gems, prescription, and cooking additives with refined exactness.

Unrivaled quality materials: This scale is made to be stable, precise, quick, and easy to use. Developed with a superb stainless steel stage and ABS plastic edge, this advanced kitchen scale is sturdy and simple to clean.

Keen button functions: The PCS work empowers you pieces considering such sticks, dots, screws; The T capacity will give a net weight; The M work causes you pick the correct unit. The switch time can be set to 60'', 120'' and 180''. Furthermore, it can caution clients to low battery power, over-burden, and uneven surface arrangement.

Smart Design and Space Saver: It has a minimalistic and exquisite outline. The sustenance scale's smaller than expected and conservative size (Product Dimensions: 4" x 5" x 3/4". Stage Dimensions: 4"x4") consumes up the negligible room around your work area, makes it a professional pocket scale makes it simple for conveying.

Multiple responsibilities: Its construction is with a blue-illuminated LCD screen, and the kitchen scale can change results that come about between in either g, oz, tl, ct, or gn in seconds. Accompanies two plates (13cm, 10cm), which can be in use as defenders or scale plate. Take care of your demand for estimating diverse things.


  • This advanced scale can rapidly and precisely measure your ingredients, postage, prescription and more with a weight limit up to 500 grams. Ascertain in any unit of measurement and change over between groups in a split second with a single press of a catch without having to re-quantify.
  • Its precision is high, and the range is wide.
  • It has top buttons besides being multipurpose.
  • The design is appealing and saves on space.
  • Materials used are of remarkable quality.
  • It features an LCD backlight view.
  • It has an automatic timer that is adjustable.


  • When the device stops working, you can’t repair it yourself. Also, the repair costs were high.

Final Note

From the above description, this top rated milligram scale should provide you accurate measure when matters kitchen items. Good food must have a balance of all things. Make your cooking experience unique by using this scale.

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