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American Weigh Scales Review – GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

This Gemini-20mg measuring scale provides a one-milligram readability worth of 20-gram capacity. The detachable stainless steel assessment platform makes separating samples easy.

It is excellent for weighing valuable gems among other valuables. It comes with a case in addition to weight. It is a product that has a ten years warranty.

Give your scale adequate warm up time. More often than not, 30-60 seconds before alignment to allow the interior segments to balance out. Keep your equipment in a spotless situation.

Clean, earth, dampness, vibration, air streams and a nearby separation to other electronic gear would all be able to cause an antagonistic impact on the dependability and precision of your scale.

American Weigh Scales Review

Maneuver carefully. Tenderly apply all things to be weighed onto plate top. In spite of the fact that this scale is intended to be very solid, attempt to stay away from harsh treatment as this may forever harm the inside sensor.

Abstain from shaking, dropping or stunning the scale. This is one of the best milligram scales which is an exactness instrument and should be taken care of with extraordinary care. Just work the device on a steady, vibration free surface. 

How to Use This GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale


Put the measuring equipment on a level surface.

1. Press the ON key.

2. Hold up until the point that 0.000g is available.

3. Place the object(s) to be weighed on the weighing stage.

4. Utilizing the MODE key, you can switch between the measuring units.

(To measure with the plate, put it on the stage previously turning the scale on or use the Tare highlight.)

Tare weighing 

Utilizing Tare, you can subtract the heaviness of a compartment.

1. Turn the scale on as depicted previously.

2. Place the tare thing on the stage, for example, a plate or on the other hand holder.

3. Press TARE and hold up until 0.000g is visible.

4. You would now be able to add things to the plate or compartment.


Alignment isn't necessary before initial use. Align it if the scale isn't weighing legitimately. Off. Adjustment is complete.

1. Turn the scale on as portrayed previously.

2. Once the range is at zero, press and holds the ON key for around 3 seconds. The show will go clear quickly then glimmer 0. You may now discharge the ON key.

3. The show will demonstrate 10.000, and the g pointer will streak.

4. Place the 10g adjustment weight on the focal point of the stage and hold up until the g marker quits blazing. Alignment is complete.


The essential purposes of incorrectness or glitch are low batteries, off-base adjustment, overload or operating on a precarious surface. It would be ideal if you remember this and keep up and work your scale legitimately. This scale is an accurate instrument and should be taken care of with the most extreme care and alert.


1.    Powering is from 2 AAA batteries, work well using Polaroid AAA battery

2.    Weighing is in increments of 0.001g to attain a maximum of 20g

3.    It has a carrier case, tray, tweezers, and the calibration weight

4.    It has a flip-down shield for protecting the fragile weighing surface


1.    It has many weighing units, i.e., g, oz., dwt., and gn

2.    It has a shield that isolates the weighing object resulting in the accurate results.

3.    It has visibility improvement from the LCD blue backlighting.

4.    The tare function prevents unwanted measurement errors.

5.    Separating the on and off keys is essential in minimizing confusion.

Final Note

Read every single operating direction accurately before utilizing the scale. This electronic scale is an accuracy instrument. With ordinary care and legitimate treatment, it will give a long time of dependable administration. Do not load the measure with more than the highest limit.

Overloading the scale will for all time harm it. Stay away from any introduction to extreme warmth or frosty. Your measure works better when worked at ordinary room temperature. Continuously enable the scale to adapt to average room temperature for no less than one hour before utilize.

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