C.M.T. Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder

The process of joining steel and other such metals through electricity is called arc welding. As compared to other welding methods, the key thing about arc welding is that it utilizes electricity to develop enough heat that can melt the steel or metal.

The temperature in Arc welding can go as high as 6,500 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are many machines available in the market through which you can successfully conduct Arc Welding and among these machines, a credible name is that of Pitbull Ultra-Portable welder. This is one of the best MIG welders for home use and has its own unique set of benefits.

Pitbull Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder

Features Of This Pitbull Ultra Arc Welder

  • This is a 110 volt welding machine  with a frequency of 60 Hz. For operation, the unit requires a current of 26 Amp (Single Phase). The Amperage control is between 45 To 100 Amps.
  • The welding capacity of Pitbull is 1/4" (Mild Steel).
  • The duty cycle of the item contains 1 Pc Stinger and 1 Pc Welders Shield.  The unit is very easy to handle and has a structure which is highly compact.
  • The machine is ideal for home projects. 
  • The installation method is, of course, arc welding.
  • The unit does not contain any batteries nor does it require any for operation.


  • The overall pricing of the equipment is affordable and there is no serious budget constraint as far as purchasing of the welder is concerned.
  • The arc welder is highly portable and you will not find any difficulty in transporting it from one place to another.
  • The machine can weld steel and all kind of other metals. Dirty metals can be also treated through this unit.
  • The weather conditions do not have any kind of impact on this machine since shielding of gas is not mandatory.
  • The packaging contains a welder along with a helmet and a hammer.
  • If you know the art of welding then this welder will not result in regular trip breakers.


There are no serious negativities associated with the product however some things to be careful about are:

  • The machine can develop different technical issues which ultimately halt your welding process. These technical issues differ from case to case.
  • The welder can overheat especially after the burning of 3 welding rods. Similarly, the machine may not work effectively in case of big rods.  The smallest rod is 32.

Final Note

Electric Arc Welding is a normal activity and with a little bit of knowledge, everyone can do it. However, the issue is that majority of people get frustrated from welding due to the selection of the wrong machine.

If you really want trouble free welding then Pitbull Arc welder is the best bet for you. The product has all the benefits which a person seeks in a welding machine. Low tip break rate and efficient welding are the 2 things which this highly compact machine offers. The product is available at a very reasonable price.

Do not waste time, Make Your Move!

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