Lucky PROSPECT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Are you looking for a well-designed scooter that has better quality than regular products? This Lucky Scooter is a durable product with amazing construction. This scooter looks compact with a spacious deck that has flat sides, flushed-out head tube, a concave top, and bottom.

When you ride, there is zero noise from the movable parts of the scooter. The scooter has fast wheels with a size of 110 mm, and a fascinating feature called innovative Tool-less Compression System.

Lucky PROSPECT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

More so, the rider can disassemble the bolts and other parts for proper cleaning after use. This is one of the best pro scooters which is weather-proof because of the aircraft-grade aluminum exterior body and beautiful art designs from the U.S artist, Shogo Ota.

Features Of This Lucky PROSPECT Scooter

Sturdy construction: The Prospect Pro Scooter is made of aircraft grade aluminum that is non-corrosive to weather conditions. The choice of material ensures a long-lasting life for the scooter. Also, the handlebar is crafted with a plastic grip material.

Cool design: The flawless graphics and beautiful design stand out your scooter from other riders. The deck of Prospect Pro Scooter is scratch-proof and made of arts similar to wallpaper designs.

Complete features: The deck has a dimension of 19.5 x 4.25 inches; wide-enough to carry out some new tricks with a foot. The SteelyBrake is responsive at the slightest touch, and there is a triple clamp, and vice grips feature that ensure safety for a pro to enjoy the ride.

Portability: The Prospect Pro Scooter weighs 8.3lbs (3.8 kg) with fully integrated parts that make the machine compact but portable. The stylishly built Prospect Pro Scooter is easy to maneuver bumps, potholes, and offers the owner some controllable speed and performance.

Performance: The fast wheels are made of Lunar HollowCore design with a size of 110mm that gives a high level of performance. With a strong deck, it is easy to perform stunts like; the one-hander, tail whips, barspin, 180 or 360-degree flips with this high-performing scooter.


  1. The Prospect Pro Scooter comes with a colorful design that is very reflective of sunlight. Other riders will easily notice the cool exterior and deck graphics made by Northwest artist Shogo Ota.
  2. The spinning wheels are fast and have a size of 110mm. More so the scooter is fitted with a reliable braking system that.
  3. It is a smart decision to purchase this durable product because the aircraft grade aluminum gives the scooter a sturdy construction.
  4. The riders have access to a wide range of compatible aftermarket upgrades that allows customization of their scooter.


  1. With a weight of 8.3lbs (3.8 kg), the Prospect Pro Scooter is heavier than other rival products with similar features.

Final Note

Don't only purchase a fast-moving scooter, but go for the type that gives more value for money. The Prospect Pro Scooter is built for rough terrains, easy to maneuver from potholes and bumps. It weights 8.3lbs (3.8 kg), compactly built with aircraft-grade aluminum. Other features include the following; DUBL Clamp, ViceGrips, 82.5 degrees headtube, SteelyBrake, and Lunar HollowCore 110mm wheels.

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