Flash Furniture Contemporary Victory Lane Taupe Fabric Rocker Recliner

Are you a new mother? Nursing a new born? Working so hard that when you reach home you are so stressed and tired? Looking for a comfortable seat to relax your mind and back? The new rocker recliner chair for sleep is what you need.

A rocker recliner that rocks is a most loved by many, particularly individuals experiencing a sleeping disorder and for nursing moms; these flash Rocker Recliners will help you relax comfortably when so tired and when having back pains.


For nursing mothers it’s the best when soothing your baby to sleep in comfort as the rocking movement tends to put both grown-ups and infants to sleep. Many people like to take their nap in the rocker recliner compared to their bed.

The Rocker recliner is large with a depth of 39.66 good for big people and with big weight. The flash Rocker Recliner is affordable and with just a few dollars you can have one at home or in your office. The flash rocker Recliner is worth trying with the comfort it brings, well for your value for money.

Features Of This Victory Lane Taupe Fabric Rocker Recliner

1. The Rocker Recliner is designed with Taupe fabric upholstery

2. The rocker has extra wide with a sturdy form that makes it able to carry people with heavy weight, it can accommodate up to 400 pounds.

3. The back seat and arm rest are stuffed well to give full comfort.

4. The Rocker Recliner comes with a pillow back cushion that is soft and helpful for the back pain.

5. The Rocker Recliner is of contemporary designs.

6. It has the capacity to rock forward and backward. May have the capacity to lean back at in several angles, subsequently giving more comfort and choices to the client.

7. Dimension: 40 inches and 42 inches high Depth 39.66 inches


  • The side lever is easy to pull back, without staining the Rocker Recliner
  • Comes in two pieces and easy to assemble 
  • The Rocker Recliner is very affordable and durable when taken good care of; with just a few dollars you can update your office /house. 
  • Has padded footrest well designed to support your legs
  • The Rocker Recliner comes with cushion pillow that is very soft that you can use as an extra supportive or use it on the seats.
  • The Rocker Recliner is large enough to accommodate large sized people and it is easy to clean
  • You can also use it as a bed since its comfortable enough
  • Some have the ability to swivel, lift or even have heat and that would require you to customize at your dealer.


  • The Rocker Recliner has no sag sinuous spring
  • The Rocker Recliner can be a little hard to reach for the lever especially for the young children making it difficult for them to enjoying the full comfort that comes with the flash rocker recliner.

Final Note

However the good and high quality of the flash rocker recliner is not suitable for small spaces due to its large size. It is classic and can match in any household décor or interior designs; it will surely give your office or living room a stylish outfit.

When you feel that your house need an update, the flash rocker recliner becomes the best choice to purchase. Make sure before you purchase the sofa confirm the type of frame, it should be a hardwood that will make your sofa last long.

Another way to make your Rocker Recliner last long is make sure the décor of your living room or office is dark. When kept in a room that is used frequently mostly with children make sure your  Rocker Recliner is finished.

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