DHP Premium Two-in-One Sofa Bed – The Small Space Comfort

Having a big house is everybody’s dream, though at times it’s not easy to afford a big house with so many rooms. This is how the DHP premium sofa bed becomes your choice of sofa bed.

The DHP premium sofa bed is the most comfortable for people living in small house /apartments. It can be used as a bed and seat at those when you have an extra guest who decides to spend a night or two.

DHP Premium Two-in-One Sofa Bed – The Small Space Comfort

The DHP premium sofa bed will definitely give your guest the best comfort and full rest. The good part of this DPH sofa bed is that it only takes a few hours for you to set it up, it does not take a lot of your space and you can also use it in office or your basement. So, to me this is one of the best recliners for sleeping on the market

Features Of This DHP Premium Sofa Bed

1. It’s the best quality and comes with dark or brown or grey leather; it’s very comfortable anyone can use it every day. Maybe one can customize to their color preference.

2. The DHP premium comes with extra furniture for your office or house

3. It has arms on both sides for resting your hands, though it’s small in size it’s of high quality.

4. The premium has sofa bed that is very sturdy that is constructed solid


  • It is very easy to set up, and it can be fixed by one person
  • The DHP premium sofa bed is strong enough to carry the weight 400lbs for weight
  • The outline is very clean and there are no spaces where the dirt can develop.
  • The DHP premiums with a very form cushions
  • There are helpful armrest pockets in sides of the couch where you can store gadgets, like TV remotes or tablets.
  • The couch can be purchased in five diverse color variations and different sectional varieties that can be joined together, beginning from a customary two seater up to a huge sectional 7 seater. This implies you can fabricate your own optimal furniture with its few pieces that can be separated or consolidated to make different arrangements.
  • It’s very comfortable and perfect for small houses/apartments
  • The DHP premium is affordable and of good quality
  • The filling is high resilience froth so the couch won't sink or lose shape after some time.
  • The black variety of the couch is secured with faux leather, so it's easy to clean as it doesn't retain fluids and odors
  • In view of its prominence and that you can dismantle the couch to the last piece, there are loads of extra parts accessible. This implies, in the event that you break one section, it's easy to find a substitution. You can also do a few changes, for example, getting new plan legs that best suit your taste.


  • When you purchase it you should have somebody to assist you carry it up after delivery because it’s heavy due to the wood it’s made of.
  • Due to its size it’s limited to one person to use it as a bed.
  • The grey type is secured with linen and requires somewhat more attention, as it retains fluid.
  • The armrests are situated too high to possibly be comfortable and, while the couch itself feels sturdy and well made, the armrests themselves can turn out to be flimsy and can be broken if sat on excessively.

Final Note

The DHP premium sofa bed is very comfortable, and one can use it every day. This type of sofa bed can both be used as a bed and sofa, though as a bed it can only accommodate one person at a time. When you are looking for a big sofa bed the DHP is not that big but comes in handy when you have a small space. The DHP premium sofa bed is of high quality and I recommend it for those have small space and need an extra bed.

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