Top 3 Best Ryobi Belt Sander Reviews – Based on Customer Survey

When you need a machine that gives you a combination of power, speed and balance. The answer usually comes back to Ryobi belt sander.

Nothing surpasses the quality of a finished, polished surface like the Ryobi belt sanders.

The tools come with all the functionality that every carpenter or woodworker will ever need to polish a smooth surface.

Situations That May Call You To Use A Ryobi Belt Sander Or Random Orbital Sander

All this tool are great for polishing the surface. The problem comes when a beginning carpenter or woodworker can't differentiate the two.

They all serve the same purpose, but different situations will make a person to use them differently. Here is the difference.

A belt sander is used to polish very rough surfaces. In fact the first tool that you will need to polish any surface before knowing other tool is the belt sander.

Surfaces that you can polish using a belt sander include: old paint, removing excess material from wood edges, sanding very rough surfaces and levelling rough boards.

A random orbital sander has a round pad that moves in orbits. It gives vibrations as it rotates in tiny circles or spines in a circle.

The primary function of the random orbital sander is to remove the marks that are left behind by the belt sander.

That means, sanding a piece of wood with a random orbital sander will leave that ultra-smooth surface that the belt sanders cannot.

Another difference

Belt sander is normally used to sand large rough surfaces, while the random orbital sander is used to sand little pieces of boards like cabinet if you want to achieve finesse in your finish.

Why Ryobi Tools

The Ryobi Company has been in creating impressive woodworking tools that give that carpenter or woodworker ultra-precision in their performance.

Every tool that comes from this company gives any DIYers power to speed up their project within a minimal time while paying attention to details.

In short Ryobi tools has surpassed the expectation of what most woodworking tools can't do. Here is the list of Ryobi tool you can buy today to make smooth surfaces.

Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRBE319 6 AMP 3 In. X 18 In. Belt Sander

ryobi belt sander

The powerful 6 Amp motor will give you ultimate performance of your job. You will have more control over that piece of wood or board when you let the machine, sand it to give you the specific of what you want. The belt also has a superior grip zone that provides optimum grip over the surface of the wood or board.

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The belt also comes with dust bag that you can use to collect sawdust and prevent you from inhaling any piece from the tiny piece of wood. The belt is portable and weighs around 8 pounds that means that you can carry in your workstation.

Ryobi 18 inch Belt Sander

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  • Has a 6 amp motor that will provide you the superior performance in your project.
  • Low-profile design
  • Improved GRIPZONE that provide optimum grip and better user comfort.
  • A no-load speed of 820 FPM.
  • Comes with on/off switch with lock-on functionality.


You will need to adjust the grit because the sander tends to drift off. Well, when I bought it that was the problem that I had with it.

Ryobi ZRBE319 6-AMP 3 In. X 18 In. Belt Sander Certified Refurbished.

The fact that this Ryobi tool is certified, it should give you more reasons to own it. Because it is perfectly designed to look and work like a new tool. This tool promises 100% ultra-performance when sanding pieces of wood.

Ryobi 18 inch Belt Sander

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Ryobi ZRBE319 Belt Sander

It has tracking knob that can be used to adjust the tension of the belt. Ryobi made sure that this tool has a low-profile design so that when you are sanding a piece of wood, you have the ability to access tight areas. When you buy this tool, you also get a dust bag collection that you can use to collect a little piece of sawdust that comes off the wood.

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  • Ryobi certified this tool so that it looks good and works like new tool.
  • The power motor can generate 6 AMP for better superior performance
  • Comes with on/off trigger switch with lock-on function.
  • For more efficient sanding the tool comes with a speed of 820 FPM.


When I got this tool, the belt slide off more often and I had to pick it then reinstall, then sand. I couldn't get any of the work done. But thanks to the guarantee I was able to return and get another one that performed much better.

Factory Reconditioned Ryobi ZRBD450IG 4 In X 36 In. Belt/ 6 In Disc Sander Groom.

This is a robust tool from Ryobi, it comes with a combination of belt and disc, delivering a 120-volt power that will make you sand any surface. The sander is kept stable by the cast iron so that you only need to apply minimal pressure when using it.

ryobi 6 inch disc sander

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ryobi zrbd4601g disc sander

With this belt, you can sand any wood horizontally or vertically as long as you position the belt at an angle of 0-90 degrees. The other good thing is that you can change the belt as quickly and easily because of the tool-free belt tension release.​

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The belt is also integrated with dust collection so that you can collect dust and make your workstation clean.


  • Comes with cast iron base which offers additional stability and safety.
  • Has an induction motor that works very quietly and dependently.
  • Fully integrated with dust port for collecting sawdust
  • Better tracking knob for easier belt positioning.
  • Comes with a lock out power switch which will offer you more protection.
  • Ability to position this belt from 0-90 degrees so that you can sand any piece of wood either vertical or horizontal.


The tool works fine, but only a few customers have complained about the product not working properly as they expected.

Well, what I can say is that this is reconditioned belt, meaning you have the options of returning and getting a new one that is working. As long as it is within the guarantee.​

Final Verdict

By now, you know how important it is to have a Ryobi belt sander.

You know the difference between random orbital sander and the belt sander and when to use them.

If you want to have a superior finish to all your surfaces, I believe you know the right tools to stock in your cabinet.

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