Top 5 Best Recliners For Sleeping In 2018 – Reviews And Analysis

Why would you want to sleep in a recliner? Improved sleep at night, as you can take naps somewhere comfy that isn’t you bed, leaving your brain able to associate long periods of sleep with your bedroom.

Clearly there are many situations where having one of the best recliners for sleeping will be useful, beyond simply ensuring you have a comfy place to sit.

You may have a member of your household who is less mobile, in which case a recliner may offer an alternative to an adjustable bed. Rocker recliners are a great addition to nurseries as they provide a much comfier option when compared to many traditional wooden rocking chairs.

Top Picks Of 5 Best Recliners For Sleeping 2018 Reviews

1. Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker Recliner

A great middle ground between a leather armchair and a traditional fabric one, this suede recliner has the elegance of the former and the comfort of the latter.

As it is suede, this chair is not available in as many color options as fabric chairs, however many people prefer the softer, smoother feel of suede and are happy to stick to a neutral color scheme.

This recliner uses a lever mechanism to adjust the back position and has more than one position.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker Recliner

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There is a locking mechanism to hold the chair in place when you want to stand up. Although there maybe a squeak that develops in the rocking mechanism, this can easily be resolved by using a little oil or WD40.

The suede fabric is easier to maintain than you might expect. A soft bristle brush can resolve many cleaning issues, whilst there are plenty of suede friendly products available for trickier problems.

2. Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

A spacious feeling and comfortable armchair, this recliner is available in a variety of colors. The leather is easy to care for, and with the addition of a cushion or two can match any style of decor. 

Being easy clean means, if you put this in the nursery and the baby is sick, you don’t have to worry about the armchair being damaged. You can simply tidy up before rocking baby back to sleep.

Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

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When reclined this chair has an ideal position for taking a nap. The overstuffed cushions and armrests provide all the support you need, so you can relax without being concerned about aching muscles.

3. Flash Furniture Contemporary Breathable Comfort Padre Almond Fabric Rocker Recliner

The soft fabric of this rocker/recliner makes it comfortable however you like to do to relax. It has plush rolled arms and a pillow back making it cosy place to sit. Featuring no snag, sinuous springs, this chair is designed to offer support as well as comfort.

This armchair recliner using a traditional lever mechanism. It allows you to put your feet up and relax. With it’s rocking mechanism you can enjoy the extra contentment inducing factor of this soothing motion. It is ideal for mothers with small children who like to be rocked to sleep.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Breathable Comfort Padre Almond Fabric Rocker Recliner

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Although it arrives in sections it is easily put together, and has everything you need provided. This recliner is smaller than some of the others available, making it more adaptable to a smaller home. The downside of the size is that this armchair will be less comfortable for taller users.

4. MSG Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Swivel Heated with Control

With the higher price tag of this chair you get many more features. Not only does it rock and recline as the previous chairs reviewed, it also swivels. Useful for moving from looking at the tv to talking with friends and family.

Other features include a massage function, with 8 Contact points to provide ultimate relaxation. The chair also has a heat function for that extra little touch of luxury comfort. An adjustable back and headrest means that whoever uses this chair can do so without difficulty.

MSG Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Swivel Heated with Control

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The chair is well padded for your support and comfort. In each of the armrests there is a cup holder built in, which can double as storage for small items like a remote. On the right-hand side, there is a storage pouch where you can keep other items such as magazines or books.

5. BONZY Leather Recliner Wingback Roll Arm Manual Recliner Chair

An ideal option for a smaller space, this recliner has a less padded style than the others reviewed. The chair itself has a wooden frame for an elegant look, whilst the mechanism itself is metal for durability.

It has English style roll arms, which are opposed to the overstuffed look of more common armchair styles. This gives this chair a more streamlined appearance.

Reclining to and angle of 160 degrees this armchair goes almost entirely flat providing excellent comfort if used to sleep in.

BONZY Leather Recliner Wingback Roll Arm Manual Recliner Chair

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The cushions maybe a little bit firm for some but do provide plenty of support. Despite being able to recline so effectively, this chairs more streamlined design takes up less space than other recliners.

As this design has leather upholstery, it is currently only available in a small range of neutral colors. However, a neutral colored chair can easily be adjusted to match a color scheme with an addition of a cushion or two.

Benefits of Sleeping On Recliners

Improved Circulation

As a sleeping recliner allows you to raise your feet to a similar position to that of laying down, spending time in a recliner relieves the effects of gravity on your circulation. For those with poor circulation a recliner can help minimize swelling in the legs, feet and joints.

Reduced Aches and Pains

The position that a sleeping recliner reaches can be useful for back and joint pain. This is particularly true for pregnant women who find that laying down relieves their discomfort.

Sometimes women can feel isolated if they have to lay in bed every time they experience the aches their body develops as the baby grows. A recliner can provide the relief of laying in bed whilst still being included in the activities of the rest of the house. 

Stress Reduction

Research has shown that getting an hour’s rest outside of the bedroom each day can dramatically reduce stress levels. A recliner is ideal as it allows you to lay back in a relaxing and comfortable position without necessarily sleeping. Unless you want to, of course.

Relieve Back Pain

A recliner provides support for your body in many ways which a bed does not. The cushions and position that a sleeping recliner has, takes pressure off your spine whilst still supporting it. Sleeping in a recliner can help your spine stay in optimum alignment, relieving pain. Hope it won't be hard to find the best recliner chair for the money now.

Things To Consider When Buying Recliner For Sleeping

Reclining position

There is a huge variety of options available when you first start looking for a recliner. One of the big deciding points is the extent of the recline. Many chairs towards the lower end of the market have only 2 positions, upright and reclined at a 45-degree angle.

This might be fine if you want to use the armchair to relax while watching tv, however this position is not so great for sleeping. The best recliner for sleeping have a reclining angle much closer to 90 degrees or, at the higher price point, several positions which allow you to choose the best one for you.


As noted above there can be a huge range of prices when considering recliners. It is important to be realistic about which features are available within your budget. Of course, there is always a chance of finding a really good deal, and if you do this then that is great. However, it’s much more likely that the features will be limited by budget, do a bit of research so you know what you are looking at.


The most popular and widely available type of recliner is the rocker/recliner as shown by the reviews above. If this type of recliner is within your budget, then it offers the greatest flexibility in options to suit your decor.

Whilst standard and pushback recliners primarily tend to have leather upholstery, rocker/recliners are more often available in other fabrics such as suede. This style of chair also tends to be available in a wider range of colors and finishes, such has wooden levers.

Size and Space

It seems obvious, but it is important to factor in the size of the chair and the amount of space available in your room. Recliners, as a general rule, require much more space than traditional armchairs. You can have the most elegant and comfortable reclining chair, that perfectly matches your decor, but if it doesn’t work in the space, the effect is lost. 

When buying your recliner, it is worth finding out how far the back of the chair and footrest extend from the seat when fully reclined. This will allow you to position the chair in your room so that you can fully extended the chair if you want to.

Allow room to walk past the chair if necessary and don’t position the recliner too close to other furniture. It is likely to dominate your room in a negative way without this breathing room, whereas a properly placed recliner will add a sense of presence.

Extra Features 

With the interest in recliners increasing, manufacturers are working to include more features to enhance the experience of relaxing in a recliner. Some chairs now include options such as a built-in massage system or incorporate an entertainment or gaming suit.

These are the more high-end examples but when buying a recliner, it is worth thinking about what the primary user of the chair will spend most of their time doing. That way you can keep an eye out for extra features to enhance that activity or make it simpler.

Caring for your recliner


The method you use to keep your chair clean is primarily impacted by the fabric it is upholstered in. Of all fabrics available leather is the easiest to care for. If something is spilled on your chair you can wipe it with a damp cloth, and doing so swiftly should prevent any stains.

For tougher marks you will need a cleaning product designed especially for leather. These will include ingredients which will prolong the materials life. It is important to use leather specific products as it can be easily damaged by chemicals.

For most other fabrics a cloth and warm soapy water will resolve most issues, however they will take longer to dry. If you need to use a stain removal product always test this somewhere on the chair which cannot be seen. That way if it causes harm to the fabric you will not ruin the appearance of your recliner.

Common Malfunctions

Most common issues with recliners are cosmetic. Issues with cushion and springs, as with traditional armchairs, can occur and are fairly easy to remedy. However sometimes a recliner chair can end up looking like it is leaning to one side.

In this case the issue is a bent reclining mechanism. This is usually a result of wear over time or misuse. It is very important not to stand up while the foot rest of a recliner is up as this is the most likely cause of parts of the frame becoming bent out of shape.

Other problems, such as the mechanism getting stuck, can usually be solved by inspect the chair regularly. If the mechanism sticks you should check for anything caught in the mechanism of the chair. Inspecting your chair regularly will help you to notice arising issues early enabling you to get them repaired before your recliner becomes so damaged it needs replacing.

Final Thought

Recliners are a fabulous way to add a little more relaxation to your day, even if it is only for a 10 minutes rest after work.

Although this article is about the best recliners for sleeping, and we have reviewed some of the available options, the only one who can decide which is the best is the person who is going to use it. 

Everyone on has their own comfort level, aches and pains, and decor to match their recliner with. Hopefully what this guide will have done is shown what is available, and how to pick the chair that is right for you.

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