Best Random Orbital Sanders For The Money – Reviews 2018

Not everyone can manage to select the best random orbital sander for their pending projects. Each sander performs best in some areas and might not be very good for other materials.

I use these tools in my workshop, and I can guide you into selecting the best within so second. They differ in sizes, designs, performance and control.

Many users tend to praise these five sanders, and I agree with the user on the fact that these are the best of the best. There are machines that look classy on the outside but don't perform as required.

A good random orbital sander should accurately balance between minimal material removal and providing and excellent finish. It should be easy to use and operate in such a way that you experience minimum fatigue even after hours of constant sanding.

If you were to choose just one sander from this list, this first one from Dynabrade would do a great deal.

Top Picks Of 5 Best Random Orbital Sanders 2018 Review

1. Dynabrade 59020 Dynorbital-Spirit Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

I like the way this orbital sander works. The finishing is excellent, and using it is exceptionally easy and enjoyable.

I'm saying this because I have used many other orbital sanders, and very few can be compared to this.

You simply use your thumb to control and regulate speed. The speed control is strategically placed so that your thumb can easily reach it for the speed regulation.


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Optional Vacuum Conversion Kits

This features obviously puts it ahead of the rest, as you can see. It helps you to easily convert the no-vacuum tool to the more preferred self-generated vacuum tool or a central vacuum tool.

Produce More Usable Power

Floating rotor uses five blades which are why it produces more usable power. This only means that less air is utilized more efficiently to keep the power maintained at maximum.

Comfort Platform

This part provides extra hand and wrist support so that every sanding activity is done perfectly while your comfort is still maintained. It also protects against cold air exhaust.

2. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

It removes material at an impressive rate if I can say so. In fact, it is the fastest material removal you can ever dream of.

Everything about this machine, from size to design to performance is just excellent.

For further convenience, this orbital sander has a built-in dust collection to help keep your work area clean. You can empty it when it's full to create more space for continued sanding.


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Random Orbit Action

This is the reason for the smoother faster action that this orbital sander provides. Perfect material removal to leave the surface smoother that you can find imaginable. The best part is that it achieves this in no time.

Pad Brake

It features pad brake that maintains maximum pad speed. This in turn prevents damage to the work surface. You know how much it is necessary to keep your work place protected to avoid avoidable costs.

2-Amp Motor

The motor generates just enough motor and provides dependable long unit life. The motor can be accredited to facilitate the appreciable finishing and material removal that is seen on this machine.

3. Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

From its design to its size, this orbital sander is easy to operate and can give you a really good material removal.

It is also great with finishing because it doesn't go so deep.

This orbital sander comes with Optional vacuum conversion kits which make it easy for you to convert non-vacuum tools to self-generated vacuum tools. No hassle, no bustle.

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Quality Design

The entire design is just excellent. This machine is engineered to perform beyond expectations, which means every single part is thoughtfully designed and put into place for a better orbital sanding experience.

Excellent Sanding Pad

This machine includes low-profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad. The sanding pad is created and fixed with a lot of expertise to sustain the best orbital sanding possible.

Guard against Sanding Residue

The Triple-sealed front double-row balancer bearing is effectively guarded against sanding residue so that it can last longer than anticipated. It also provides for low maintenance and is easy to replace.

4. DEWALT D26453K 3 Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

Dewalt is known to produce some very dependable power machines And this orbit sander is an excellent piece of technology designed with a lot of thought to provide perfect finishing.

Controlled Finishing System makes it possible to maintain controllable pad speed. It also minimizes gouging that is common during startup. This makes the machine a real convenience in its performance.


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3.0 Amp Motor

The 3.0 amp electronic variable-speed motor can be adjusted from 7,000 to 12000 opm and provides ideal sanding speed for a smoother finish. With such speed, it doesn't remove too much material to smoothen it.

Dust-Sealed Switch

This switch protects against dust absorption to provide a much longer switch life. Some Sanders lack this features, and the switch might not last long in them. It is placed on the right spot for easy access.

Anti-Slip Grip

This is one of the protective features. The sander comes with anti-slip grip that protects both of your hands. It also protects the project you that you are handling from unfortunate mistakes.

5. PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

This might be the last orbit sander on this list, but it's still at the top of the market. It offers the best sanding and finishing any user would admire.

If you know how sander work you should know the importance of sanding speed, especially to finishing. This sander works at maximum speed to provide smoother finishing.


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Dual-plane Counter-balance Fan

The fan is included to help keep you active and prevents fatigue. You can work with the machine for long hours without getting tired. This feature gives you the ability to withstand long jobs.

Longer Switch Life

It comes with a dust-sealed switch that protects against dust ingestion. Without this feature, the switch would be affected by the dust while the machine is at work and can lower its life span.

Less Gouging at Startup

The sander features controlled finishing system that provides controllable pad speed and reduces gouging at startup. It is much better than all my previous sanders in many vital features.

Random Orbital Sander Buying Guide

You can select the best orbital sanders with these factors as tools for guidance. From these factors, you can compare your choices against them to determine what it is exactly that you want.

Quality of Finishing

Everyone want a sander that produces high-quality finishing. Well, it all depends on the innovativeness put into the construction of the machine. Also, the speed and motor greatly determine the level of excellence achieved in the sanding.

When an orbital sander can transform any rugged surface into an amazingly finished surface within a reasonable timeframe, then it is worth being in your workshop. The sander in this review all produce high-quality finishing.

Size of Coverage

Larger sanding face affects both the efficiency and sanding speed. Many professional would rather have a larger sander that would complete tasks faster than the machines with smaller coverage.

Find out which size would work well for the kind of project you want to work on. Some projects don't necessarily need Sanders with large coverage, but if it does, you better get something large and efficient all in one. Larger sanding face is perfect for larger materials and longer jobs.


This is a really important factor that I find worth looking into. Low maintenance is always better, as far as sanders are concerned. No one wants to spend too much on maintenance, and we all would buy any low maintenance machine that still provides the best performance and last longer too.

The ease of maintenance is another subfactors under this. Someorbital sanders are hectic to maintain, ad some user would find them impossible to own. Chose what you know would give you an easy time.


The design of an orbital sander matters a lot. Sometimes the designed determines the level of comfort, ease of operation and control, performance, power, among others. I'm always keen on the design of a sander whenever I'm buying a new one.

I want to know whether it has the right weight to make it easy to control and operate. If has just the right size, shape, and with the right features, then it is worth spending your money on.

Final Verdict

These are the best random orbital sanders on the market today. I have owned each of these in my workshop at some point, with each impressing me in its unique way.

Though some are better than others, they are all good machines that I'm sure would be a great addition to your workshop.

From the first sander to the last, you can expect a pretty impressive finishing from these machines. They leave every surface smoother without removing too much material.

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