Best Orbital Sander for Woodworking – Guide & Reviews

Best Orbital Sander for Woodworking is a vital tool for finishing furniture and having that sanding job done to perfection without leaving sanding marks.

With all the various brands and choices available in the market these sanders may seem to look the same or have features that seem similar to each other but in reality that is not the case.

There are certain types, models and designs of sanders that each has features meant or sanding, but some are made better for certain workloads and surfaces than others.

Best Orbital Sander for Woodworking 2018 Reviews

1. Bosch 1297D ¼ Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander

Smooth and perfect sanding results are among some of the outcomes that a sander should achieve. It has a low vibration that results to the smooth running of the kit and user comfort.

Its comfort while being used, easy movement and consistency are among the features that the sander should have in place to ensure it is a complete package that delivers great sanding work.


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The sander has an optimized combination of pad orbit and rotation reaching to a maximum speed of 12000 revolutions per minute. This feature helps deliver fast removal that in turn results in a well-blended ultra-smooth finish.


The Bosch sander has an on switch that allows the user to either turn the kit on or off which ensures full control of the kit is to the user. It also has a dust bag to collect dust while the kit is working. All these features ensure both physical and health safety of the user.

Easy To Use

The presence of a compact, twist-off dust canister shows the dust level and also minimizes spill back. The twist-off dust canister can also be easily detached from the rest of the kit to get rid of the dust when full.


Speed variability is not a problem to worry about while using the kit since a speed dial put in place allows the user to match speed to the task at hand thus the user operates the sander at their convenient speed which proves it very efficient. 

2. SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

The SKILL orbital sander is another great tool that you should consider adding in your tool box. It works well to provide smooth surfaces of a variety of materials. Here are some of the features of this machine.

This sanding tool is one that is not about to stress you since it can be easily repaired without much a problem.

Coming with a manual to assist and also the parts are easily available and affordable to customers.


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When it comes to the perfect sanding tool that has great features and beauty as one of them, then this SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander is the choice that you should consider making. For those who consider color then this sander has several color schemes to choose from.


This sander has the speed of 12500 revolutions per minute, and this speed is fast enough to deliver that perfect and smooth sanding that the user desires. This is mostly on rough surfaces that require thorough sanding.


The SKIL 7492-02random orbital sander is strong and maintains a systematic sanding process and has perfect smooth surfaces as the results and no swirls. This means that for those worrying about sanding rough surfaces for long this is the sander for you.

3. Festool 571817 ETS 125 EQ Random Orbital Sander

For effective sanding application, having a useful power tool makes your work easier and fast.

This is why you need to consider purchasing a top product like the Festool 571817 ETS 125 EQ for effective sanding.

This sander is fast and has easy to stick and fix abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing leading to longer abrasive and pad life. Since these are the most used parts of the tool their long lasting feature, ensure the whole sander lasts long to serve its purpose and with perfect results.


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Great Fitting

Comfortable as this sander is, it comes with an ergonomically design formed to fit in any size hand. This feature reduces the chances of discomfort while handling the tool and ensures better sanding by the user.

Less Noisy

Noise is not a feature that many would appreciate their tools to make while working and this sander has this problem solved as it is made to have balanced vibration stop design with very minimal noise and delivers better finish results.


The sander has a Jetstream design that delivers highly efficient dust removal which ensures the dust produced from the surface while sanding does not affect the tool or the user. This control over the dust is a feature that is a great enhancement for this sander.

4. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

For all your sanding needs, get the Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander and you will be assured of nice performance at your work place.

The Black & Decker sander is compact to ensure that its perfect performance as it works is well realized. It is also less in weight than former sander versions weighing at 3.2 pounds. This offers ease and comfort of the tool while being handled.


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Long Lasting

This tool features are such that they help ensure it is long lasting. They include a sealed switch which helps ensure clogging of the tool is not a problem ensuring the tool is durable. Another feature is the hook and loop system that allows easy and fast sandpaper change when it is worn out makes the tool last longer.


The presence of a dust bag helps ensure the dust is not blown off but collected as the tool is working and prevents it from being inhaled by the user since it may cause respiratory problems if inhaled. The tool also has been fitted with a dust sealed switch that makes sure dust does not clog the tool at all while working all to enhance its safety.


This tool has a hook and loop system that allows easy paper changes that enable the user to use their preferred paper easily and skillfully for sanding. The Black & Decker sander uses a sanding sheet which is well effective to give a quality smooth finish.

5. PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Another great machine that you can depend on for all your sanding needs is the PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander.

This sander has a 100% ball bearing construction which helps ensure that the tool is functional and reduces friction in the moving parts keeping it in check, and it also has a longer switch life.


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Easy to Control

The presence of a switch in the sander tool is an assurance that the control of the sander is full with the user. It also has a controlled finishing system that ensures the finishing part is smooth and perfect.


Comfort is a feature that helps ensure the tool one chooses has taken into consideration. This sander has a dual plane counterbalanced fan that reduces user fatigue and ensures comfort as one is working with the tool irrespective of the type of surface the tool is being used for sanding.


This sander is one of a kind as it provides maximum sanding speed to ensure that the work is smooth and perfect. To make it much better is that it does not leave swirl marks while sanding or dust at the working surface which makes work faster.

Step by Step Buying Tips And Guide

When choosing the best orbital Sander for Woodworking, several features should be a prime priority to ensure that sanding is not only perfect but also done comfortably and safely as well.


One should consider the weight of the sander since the heavier it is, the bulkier it gets while, the lighter it is, the better it is with its handling, control, and movement from place to place while working.


No one wants to purchase a sanding tool that will not last for some time. Having to buy such a tool that will either break or malfunction within a few days of service is an experience none of us would be happy about. This hence requires the durability of the sander to be of great importance a feature that should not be left out.

Dust Control

While using a sander more frequent than not does one encounter dust from the surface being sanded.

This dust is not healthy if inhaled by the user, and also it dirties the working area if left unattended to while using the sander and this may result in a low quality or poor sanding outcome. This should be a feature to consider to ensure dust interference is not a problem.

Ease of Use

The sander one chosen should be one that is easy to use and convenient at the same time to serve its purpose and give a good sanding job that is smooth and perfect. This feature should be considered especially where the user is likely to use the sander more.

Other Considerations

  • Consider the pad mechanism in place
  • Check if a dust expulsion mechanism has been put in place
  • Check the grip surface
  • long-arrow-right
    Look at the cord length if corded

Final Verdict

Sanding is becoming a day to day activity not only for woodworkers but also for regular customers who want to have the experience of having a smooth woodwork surface by their hands.

These are essential tools that you can add to your sanding tools, and you will have the best experience with smooth and perfect results.

I gathered enough information to provide you with some great tools that will change your sanding experience and improve your results to your liking.

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