Best Orbital Sander for Furniture - Guide and Review

Like all the furniture lovers, we all value the sight of great furniture and also like to sand the furniture from the comfort of our homes if not getting them from woodworkers and carpenters. To accomplish this, it is imperative that we need to have access to the best sander for furniture we can get.

By owning a high-quality sander the sanding possibilities and quality work are endless, and this has never been better than having to sand and enjoy the experience with perfect results at the end of it all.

Best Orbital Sanders for Furniture Compared

Not all sanders can help you achieve this experience but in this review, I will help you choose well from the several choices and make a decision as to one which best fits your taste, choice, and features that you desire for sanding.

The following reviewed products are among many that you can purchase, but their features have shown outstanding results and are worth the purchase.

Best Orbital Sanders for Furniture 2018 Reviews

1. Porter-Cable 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

This sander provides that smooth and perfect sanding work that one would wish for. I personally like this tool because of smooth result. It's smooth like butter. You gonna love it surely.

This specific Porter cable orbit sander is well renowned for its smooth surface sanding even on very rough surfaces.


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This sander has a dual plane counter that allows for the perfect performance of sanding and polishing which ensures a smooth job that leaves no swirl marks or dust is left on the working area. This dual plane counter balanced is fitted next to a fan that reduces user fatigue and cools the kit as well.

Smooth Results

A smooth surface is an overall outcome that we all want while sanding or polishing furniture surfaces. This is an indication that our sanding work is good and has been done to satisfaction.

Coming with controllable pad speed and minimizes gouging during startup helps ensure that the sander maintains a controlled finishing system to give a perfect finish and smooth result.

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Easy To Control

This sander has a switch that controls pad speed to the level that is desired by the user. This speed regulator is crucial since it helps ensure the user controls the sander to a preferred speed for comfort and one that will have a perfect sanding and a smooth finish.

Dust Free

This sander has had the dust problem solved as it comes fitted with a dust sealed switch that protects against ingestion which may result to clogging and tool failure.

This dust also causes health problems if inhaled by the user. Getting rid of this dust also helps ensure that the working surface is clean for better outcomes on the furniture.

2. Bosch Ros20vsk 120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

Sanders that use random orbit mechanism though use a bit more power than others, they have a faster sanding process that results in a smooth swirless job.

The Bosch ROS20VSK 120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit is made from a light carrying case material that has a 7.8-pound mass which makes it very easy for the user to handle without much effort.

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The kit has been fitted with an optimized combination of pad orbit and rotation reaching to a maximum speed of 12000 revolutions per minute. This feature helps deliver fast removal that in turn results in a well-blended ultra-smooth finish.

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The Bosch tool kit has a case on the exterior side that protects the wire connections inside. It also has an on switch that allows the user to either turn the kit on or off which ensures full control of the kit is with the user. More to make it safe is the presence of a dust bag to collect dust while the kit is working.

Easy To Use

The presence of a compact, twist-off dust canister shows the dust level and also minimizes spill back. The twist-off dust canister can also be easily detached from the rest of the kit to get rid of the dust when full.

Fatigue of the users hand is taken care of by presence of a comfortable soft grip while the top and body provide multiple grip positions by the user.

3. Bosch 1297d ¼ Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander

Great comfort and uniform sanding is easily achieved with this Bosch sander tool. One of the best production from Bosch. I personally like this tool because of comfort.

Sanding requires attention and for a smooth outcome with a great sanding experience, only a few sanders with customized features can help one achieve this experience.

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Easy Installation

This sander tool has an easy installation feature where it is fitted with regular sandpaper flat and tight for fast and easy installation. This flat and tight feature enables the user to change the sandpaper easily and with great convenience.


The Bosch 1297D sander accepts stick on paper which allows better sanding experiences and outcomes where sandpaper cannot be used. This helps ensure the surface being worked on is not only smooth but perfect.

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Coming with a punch plate for perforating sanding sheets which help ensure that the dust produced while sanding is got rid of to keep clean the working area. This feature also allows the dust collection system of the sander operates properly.


Comfort while using this 1297D ¼ sheet finishing sander has been greatly enhanced as it comes with a tapered top that increases the grip of the user and a 3-point counterbalance that minimizes vibration ensuring maximum comfort while using the sander.

4. Skil 7492-02 2.8amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Whether you are dealing with a large home improvement activity or just putting a few finishing touch jobs around, this SKIL random orbit sander is the perfect tool for stock removal, faster touch jobs with smooth results.

Fitted with a clear dust canister, with this sander the user can view the content and level of the dust so that once it is full the user can empty the canister. This ensures the tool is dust free and prolongs its life.


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Pressure Controlled

This 5 inch sander comes with a pressure control indicator that lets the user know when the right amount of pressure is applied while the sander is working and warns you when the pressure is too much. This works to ensure that the sanding experience is smooth and perfect.

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The sander has a random orbital action that ensures a swirl free finish. To perfect this feature, the sander has a pad break that eliminates gouging that helps ensure better sanding experience that is smooth. To fully eliminate any swirl traces the sander has three sanding discs that give better results.

Clean Working Surface

A clean surface to work on is important to the user since one can closely check the work as it progresses. This sander has micro filtration captures and contains fine dust particles to keep your work surface cleaner. This makes it easier for you to note any mistakes and rectify them fast.

5. Festool 571817 Ets 125 Eq Random Orbital Sander

For that smooth and great finishing this sander has what is needed to enjoy a sanding experience. Mostly used for pre-sanding this sander will awe you with its great performance.

This sander has been designed with a Jetstream that delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes and longer abrasive pad life that ensure the working environment is clean.

Speed control is important especially when pre-sanding furniture. This sander has been fitted with a step-less variable speed that allows you to adjust to the needs of the application.


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Perfect Hand Fitting

Comfort while handling this sander is well assured as it has been ergonomically formed to fit in any size hand. This helps the user maintain a firm grip on the tool and makes it easier to achieve better sanding.

Balanced Vibration

The Festool random orbital sander has a balanced vibration stop design that delivers better finish and great results with the smooth operation of the sander and greater comfort while handling the tool.

Best Orbital Sander For Furniture Buying Guide

When choosing the best orbital sander for your sanding job, there are several features that you should have as major for a good sander.


One should consider the weight of the sander since the heavier it is, the bulkier it gets while, the lighter it is, the better it is with its handling, control, and movement from place to place while working.


The type of make of a sander is very important and the material used to make the tool is also a factor to consider. This helps the user to know if the sander is durable ad better ways to handle the tool.

Grip positions

Grip positions of a sanding machine are very crucial as they determine how well the sanding job will be done and the comfort of the user. A good sander should ensure that these grip parts are firm and adjustable to the user's preference.

Ease of Use

The sander one chooses should be one that is easy to use and convenient at the same time to serve its purpose and give a good sanding job that is smooth and perfect. A sander should ensure it's easy to use and handle for better convenience.

Other Considerations

  • Consider a dust bag is in place
  • Check if the edges are well sealed
  • Check for other tool accessories
  • Consider the number of pads in place

Final Verdict

Good furniture that has been worked on well is a feature that we value a lot. While sanding and polishing may seem laborious, these reviewed sanders will help you not only enjoy the experience but also achieve great work with the tool and have results that will leave you happy.

The best sander is the one that one feels comfortable to use and has all the desired features of the user in place to help you achieve great results on your furniture.

The reviewed sanders have been carefully selected to clinch the top shelf among sanders hence any choice you make to purchase any of them will be worthwhile.

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