Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander – Guide & Reviews

The orbital sander industry is one that is full of innovatively designed tools. Sometimes you don't even know how to select the best out of the rest, but with a little professional guidance, you can choose right.

My job entails a lot of sanding being done, and that only leave me a better orbital sander expert. I can tell a good machine from an incompetent one.

Some of these sanders are better than others, but I can assure you that each is special in its way. Of all the best 5 inch random orbital sanders, the editors have picked out the overall best machine for you.

Best 5 Inch Random Orbital Sander 2018 Reviews

1. Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

It is one of my favorite sanders just because it has never disappointed me in any way. It's created with smooth finishing in mind. It leaves the surface smooth and perfectly finished.

Its composite base has integrated rubber over-mold that creates a non-slip feel for a more steadfast gripping. It also insulates it from cold do that it's functioning is not interfered with.


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Hand and Wrist Support

It features comfort platform which provides extra hand and wrist support for a better and easier machine operation. This is what makes it easy for you to withstand longer working.

More Usable Power

With the rotor using five blades, it produces more usable power. The composite rotor is stronger and boasts better lubrication which is one of the reasons for its good performance.

Low Maintenance

Triple-sealed front double-row balancer bearing is protected from sanding residue so that it can last longer. It also requires lower maintenance and easy replacement.

2. DEWALT D26451K Corded 3 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Whenever I see a power tool from DEWALT, I know it's a good one. This sander is fixed with some amazing features and performs so smoothly to produce admirable results.

Its motors operate at 12000 opm to provide ideal sanding speed for a smoother finish. The motor provides sufficient power for every sanding to be a success.


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High-capacity Dust Drag

The dust drag has a built-in vacuum adapter which provides maximum dust collection. It does this with or without a vacuum. The capacity is large and therefore allows for longer working before emptying.

Controlled Finishing System

This is a thoughtful feature as much as I can tell. The sander boasts a controlled finishing system that helps in maintaining pad speed. The system also minimizes gouging during startup so that the machine functions smoothly.

Reduced User Fatigue

Sanding can be very demanding, especially when the job is a lot and you need your energy to work for longer. This sander features dual-plane counter-balanced fan that reduces fatigue.

3. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

This is a truly powerful orbit sander that would be a great addition to any workshop.

The most convenient material removal I've ever witnessed is a 5-inch orbital sander.

This sander also features random orbital action that facilitates high removal rate which I find a real convenience. Thanks to this feature, the machine produces high-quality finish.


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Easy Paper Changes

It boasts hook and loop system which is responsible for fast and easy paper changes. This feature makes it easy for you to change the papers so that your job can continue without interference.

Dust Sealed Switch

Its dust sealed switch effectively keeps all debris and dust out, and this provides protection to it. No dust or debris is allowed in, and this contributes to the switch's longer life.

Dust Bag Included

This is a feature that many sanders don't have, and when you find one that does, know that it has a competitive advantage over the rest. It has dust bag and sanding sheet included, which makes things a lot simpler for you.

4. PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

There are so many things I love about this sander. I tend to believe that this amazing piece of technology is designed for nothing but perfection.

Compared to most of the orbital sanders that I've had in the past, the sanding speed of this machine is incredible, which results in smooth and lovely finishes.


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Added Durability

It features a dust sealed switch that protects it from dust ingestion. It is one of the many protective features that keep the sander durable and providing long service.

Minimized Gouging

With the controlled finishing system, this sander maintains controllable pad speed alongside minimizing gouging during startup. It is a convenient feature that enhances the overall performance of the sander.

Fit for Long Jobs

It features dual-plane counter-balance fan that helps reduce fatigue that would occur when performing long jobs. You can use it for extended jobs with minimal fatigue.

5. VonHaus 3.5A 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

This is a classy kind of an orbital sander, designed with utmost perfection to remove materials on any surface and leave it extra smooth.

This is one part in which this sander towers above the rest.

It features dust extraction port that is conveniently fixed with dust collection bag. Its dust collection system is advanced.


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Powerful Motor

This sander holds a 4 amp motor featuring lock-on switch and variable speed dial. You can adjust it from 6000 to 13000 rpm, which facilitates its excellent performance.

Extra-Large Sanding Surface

The large the sanding surface area of a sander the better it is. This sander features extra-large 5-inch sanding surface with an 8-hole hook and loop backed base-pad.

Compact Lightweight Design

One of the reasons for my liking of this sander is its compact, lightweight design. It makes it easier for me to control and operate it. It feels comfortable in the hands.

Quick Buying Guide

All of us need guidance at some point, and that is what this section is meant for. It contains some of the features that are worth considering if you want to buy the right orbital sander.

Type Of Motor

The motor is a very crucial part, and in this case, a factor that should guide into choosing the right orbital sander for your workshop. The amperes matters a lot, with each material having its best sander.

Sanders perform differently on different materials, and you should, therefore, base your choice on the materials you are working with. Some provide better finishing than others, and should be prioritized when doing a selection. You can base your choice on the type of motor, especially if other factors are considered too.

Sanding Speed

When it comes to sanding speed, the higher the speed, the better. Speed determines a lot in material removal, and it determines the quality of finishing. Some materials are better handled with high-speed sanders, while others only respond perfectly to medium speed sanding.

High-speed sanders are however perfect for the most material and are known to provide excellent finishing and material removal. They also minimize the amount of material removed besides completing a project much faster.

Machine Durability

Durability is the machines ability to withstand all the destructive forces involved when sanding, to last longer even with constant use. The materials used in the construction of each part of the machine must be of the correct quality and nature.

Protective features such as a dust-sealed switch that protect against dust ingestion contribute to the machine having a longer life. I can attest from my experience that these are really durable machines that would serve you for a lot of time to come.

Extra Components And Parts

It all depends on the level of innovativeness put into the construction of the orbital sander. Some machines are more innovatively designed that other. They come with better components and enhanced features to boost the level of production.

Some of these parts might be present in other models too but not as effective and convenient as in the subject model. Therefore, you should always look for innovative additions on the best orbital sander if you want to but the best tool for your project.

Final Verdict

I'm a very choosy man when it comes to new orbit sanders. With these machines, you just can't go wrong with your selection. You should do everything you can to select wisely.

Of all the sanders that I've owned in my workshop, I can confirm to you that these five are the best 5-inch random orbital sander. From the first to the last sander, you will be impressed at how they can convert any ragged surface to a perfectly smoothen surface.

Therefore, this is a collection of only the best machines and power tools. Any of these will impress you at first instance.

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